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Pathfinder Bones Campaign Painting Challenge!

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Righty oh then. I have set myself a new personal goal. So far it is going well. 


I am currently running a Pathfinder RPG Campaign called Dwarves! Dwarves! This is self made taking heavily from Raging Swan Publications.


As part of this I have set myself some goals:


1) Log the games played and session logs on a Wordpress Website for players and anyone else that wants to read.

2) Each week paint the encounters from my pile of Bones miniatures or use miniatures I've already painting from Bones, post gallery pictures to the website and here

3) Make sure everyone has fun!! (This is number one really)


Last weeks painting was these two miniatures (plus one other that I can't reveal because my players didn't end up encountering it. I also can't tell anyone whats coming next week until they encounter them! lol








Rust Monster (The Fighter in plate loved this when it touched him with its Antennae)








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