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Maledrakh's Cockroach Cluster part 3...the rest of the Space Hulk Genestealers Speedpaint

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As has been a theme this year, the minis I manage to paint will all count towards the resolutionary challenge. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread.


This month I am clearing some space on the shelf, and doing some horribly horrid horrors.


Starting off with the rest of the Space Hulk Genestealers that have been standing about needing some TLC for a while. I have been thinking alot about basing them, as many of them simply are not stable enough on their integral scenic base.

But seeing as the integral bases are all rectangular and many are built up, the 25mm round bases Genestealers use in 40k do not fit, and I did not want to use 40mm bases, as that would make them difficult to conga-line up in the game, so I have not done anything about them.


Then a few weeks ago I came across some oval laser cut wooden bases by Warbases, and after some testing I decided to base them with those. I had to use three different sizes to accommodate the diverse minis. In game I have to stand the minis sideways to fit them on the boards when they are in a conga line, but I usually have to do that anyway, so I don't mind that at all.


I painted the bases simple black and finished them with the same black flock I use on my Dreadball minis, as I simply could not be arsed to detail the bases any more then they already are. I think it works.

I have also rebased all the previously finished Genestealers, now they are all done!

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All the cockroachy genestealers were extremely speedy speedpainted,  A bit sloppy, but thats just me. It that can be rectified by spending just a little more time.


All in all, this is really quick to do: black undercoat, brown heavy drybrush, grey lighter drybrush details, two tone grey claws, teeth and stripes on head. Green and bright green on tongues where present. Base first drybrushed steel, then reddish brown and washed with darktone ink, Oval black bases and (slightly puttied) transitions flocked using thinned PVA. Done. Effectively maybe 4-5 minutes painting time. 15 Including waiting for the gloss varnish and ink to dry.


Caveat: that last batch took significantly longer (maybe 10-15 mins a piece...) because of the built up detailed bases needed to be a bit more precisely painted than the genestealers themselves.

Also I still need to paint some gloss varnish on heads and claws, but I will wait to do that until I have clearcoated the lot of them.

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