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Bruendor Bloodmane (WIP) -- Enchanter Wizard for Frostgrave

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This is going to be the leader of my Dwarven Warband for Frostgrave.  His name is Bruendor Bloodmane, and he is the older brother of Norim Bloodmane (a D&D character I made some years ago).  He will command the warbands of the Gulkendurge Clan of Dwarves, from the mountain mines of Ueragath.


Overall, I am quite happy with how he is coming along.  This was my first foray into using inks.  They flow quite a bit differently than I am used to, but I feel pretty good for a first time.  This is about an hour into the piece, not counting cutting out the base and priming.  I am going for earth tones, but I haven't decided yet if I am going to use metallics or use NMM.  The hammer is going to be steel, with a gold skull inlay (its already in the sculpt).  I may end up making the stein gold as well. 





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