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What if we painted minis like this?


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That's funny, because I was sure Kotaku (of whom my feelings are definitely NOT mixed - but this is a family-friendly place, so I will put those thoughts in reserve for now) published similar or the same pics like... a year ago or more. But that date is fairly recent.


Again... not that I'd expect much more from them...


Anyway, it is a very cool style, and evidently catching on... or... just getting posted again a year later as if new. I dunno.

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I recall seeing these or something very like them quite a while ago.


It's an interesting technique. Much easier to pull off on fairly big models, of course.


You just have to think in planes of flat color and outline all the sharp edges. Keeping the colors consistent is important if you want to preserve the black-and-white illusion.


ETA: The earlier ones were in color, and I think they were by the same artist.

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The earlier one as the Gundam linked near the top of the article (at least i's the earlier one that I recall seeing, I've not seen the Startship Troopers one before).

The guy that painted himself to look like comic art of the Silver Surfer is also excellent.

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First time I saw this.


It is definitely a great paintjob, but I'm not sold on it.


Yes it is incredible to be able to make a mini appear as a black and white comic book page.

I like my minis to look "alive" as much as possible.

I agree.

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I have seen a more anime/cel shaded look before, some on minis so the look like the videogame Borderlands, some of the SDE minis to have a manga look.

I tried the look myself and it came out pretty terrible, I think it takes a ton of practice to look good. :)


This is a model kit I saw before, I thought it was 2d at first:


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