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I started on the 2nd elf today. I wanted to make this one have more of a dark elf feel so I'm going with paler skin & dark but (hopefully) vibrant colours. I'm also toying with the idea of green chainmail instead of the usual silver or gold..........












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Today, I completed the elf's cloak & armour plus base coated & colour washed some other bits:









I don't own any "coloured" metallics, so, I used the following (GW) paints & steps to achieve the sea green chainmail & helmet:


1. Base coat - 50/50 mix of Incubi Darkness & Leadbelcher

2. Wash - Coelia Greenshade

3. Layer 1 / drybrush - 50/50 mix of Kabalite Green & Ironbreaker

4. Layer 2 / final highlight - 50/50 mix of Sybarite Green & Runefang Steel

5. Glaze - 50/50 mix of Waywatcher Green & Guilliman Blue.


Thanks for looking! ::):


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Thanks for all your kind comments guys!


The eyes were originally just going to be white eyeballs with black pupils but I wanted something a little bit different from my norm so I applied a 50/50 mix of GW's Lamenters Yellow & Bloodletter glazes over the whites.

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The Sea Elf is great.

I love the armor.


You could paint a fish on the shield?

Or the skeleton of one...


The Gnoll, good muzzle., Great eyes!!!


Thanks Xherman!


I actually quite like your fish idea, maybe I will take you up on that - the shield is already kind of fish shaped! ::):

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