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Since Bryan has shut down the Basius 2 Kickstarter thread and asked that we continue any discussion with how to use these Stamp Pads in the Craft Section. I've opted to go ahead and open this thread. 


This is a group/open thread for us to learn how to use our pads and obtain best practices with all the different kinds of basing materials that are available to us. Please feel free to share how you did something (with pictures) and what material(s) you used.


Keep off-topic chatter to a minimum so that the thread doesn't get out of control.


Most of all... Have fun!


First off, the pads that were in the Basius 2 Kickstarter


Pad 01 - Imperial








Pad 02 - Mountain







Pad 03 - Sanctuary







Pad 04 - Kings of War







Pad 05 - Hex







Pad 06 - Plaguelands







Pad 07 - Elven







Pad 08 - Warpath







Pad 09 - Dungeon







Pad 10 - Battle Zones






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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Pad 11 - Forest







Pad 12 - Dwarven








Pad 13 - Victoriana







Pad 14 - Urban








Pad 15 - Homestead







Pad 16 - Steampunk







Pad 17 - Norse







Pad 18 - Warmaidens







Pad 19 - Industrial 






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George, I received 6 of these 19 pads. Really like them. I posted the pics above to give everyone easy reference to see what they all are and all the options of them.

I'm encouraging everyone who got some to post their work here whether it's basing or terrain.

Here's my first little base using one of the pads.



I made this out of green stuff epoxy putty, from the Sanctuary pad side B.

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Not sure when (or if) they'll be made available at retail. I'll PM you a link to their store. Let's keep the off topic chatter out of the thread as I'd like this to be a resource thread for people to reference without wading through too much talk.

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I've pressed a few using silver-grey Miliput, but haven't painted them or snapped any pictures yet.


Silver-Grey Miliput Pros:

  • Short set time (5-7 minutes)
  • Holds detail very well


  • Very sticky if you're not using Vaseline, water, or something
  • dish soap just emulsifies it, instead of making it not stick to the pad
  • leaves a white residue, which can be cleaned with hot water, dish soap, and an old soft toothbrush


  • I can only talk about Hawaii's price, but it was about $20
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A few Imperial Assault minis using Industrial from Basius 2 and some old Aves Apoxie Sculpt:



A trio of stormtroopers painted to tabletop standard using Industrial and Apoxie Sculpt:



The Apoxie Sculpt seems to work decently well even if I don't wait very long to press after mixing.  I just used water as a mold release.



A Deadzone plague guy painted to tabletop standard using Aboard the Betty from Basius 1 and Sculpey:



For this one, I made the base ahead of time with Sculpey, baked the Sculpey, and then trimmed to fit the base.




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Here's some bases I made a couple weeks ago:-




Just seeing what the stamps were capable of.


Victoriana - Cobblestone side is massively useful, generic enough to create tons of bases but still nicely detailed. The Seafront side is a little too specific to generate a lot of bases, but I am interested to see what the pair of 'waters edge' bases I made will look like with paint on.


Steampunk - Pipes and Gears side is kinda useless. The pipes take a ton of putty to make, and don't look particularly good, and the gears come out with very soft details (this could down to using green stuff though, another putty might have more success). Didn't really try out the Western side (despite being my main reason for buying the stamp, I no longer need to make any Western-themed bases).

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They really are super easy to use. I found after smooshing and leveling the milliput (standard yellow) in the base if I let it cure til it's almost too hard to move (40+ minutes) then dip a finger in some good ol h2o, spread that on the top, smoosh the base on the pad. Lift straight up, BAM! Good lookin base. No left overs stuff on the pad.


Greenstuff- Prefer it over milliput. Worth the added expense IMO.

I've just been playing around with them, trying out different parts of the pads. I'm pleased with all of the variety on each one. I'm in complete agreement, for a pad I wasn't positive I would need, victoriana is immensely useful. Love the cobble stones.


A few bases made with Milliput.



A few bases made with Greenstuff. The painted cobblestone was made with Milliput. Compared to the greenstuff one, the details on the damaged parts and stone step are not as sharp.


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I'm going to give it a try with ProCreate, the two sculpeys I have (regular and firm as well as a mix of the two), and BeesPutty to see which I like best. I'm also thinking of picking up some standard milliput. 

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I would suggest a 1:1 mix of greenstuff and milliput.  I have found it seems easier to work with and holds better detail than either on its own.

To that effect - I'd probably say that Apoxy Sculpt and Green Stuff (50/50) mix as Andy does for sculpting would work here really well too for our needs.

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Man, I have yet another thing to spend money on now.  Has anyone tried Hot Glue?

I can't comment on this, because I don't have any of these ones.. but the reason hot glue works with the HS ones is that they're silicone, so they take heat very well.  I have no idea how it would react with this resin stuff...

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