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From Sea to Shore (level 6 Pathfinder)


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one final. Handy Haversack? 


No prob. Go for it!



Hey, everybody! I haven't forgotten about you! I'm still in and will get equipment going here soon. It's been a crazy busy week or so. I'll post some character info for you all to look at shortly. Sorry about the delay.


No worries. Kinda been away from the net the past few days or at least the home computer where everything is at for my online games & such.


Again, the start post will go up Friday sometime. I'd like all the character finalized by then but if not feel free to use the time before your first post to finalize things. Being a 6th level character in, more things to decide, etc etc. I know the feeling having made 8 8th level pregens for a RCon adventure one year. Heck that was the reason why I bought HeroLabs in the first place!

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Gonna delay this one till Monday next week. My kids decided that I needed to share in their misery & gave me their colds. Normally I don't get sick like this but I guess it happened this time around. I'm just not up for doing anything at the moment online. Heck I should be sleeping right now as I need to kick this thing down, but I'm on my laptop in bed...sigh.


Reason for wanting to get rid of this quickly is we have a quarterly inventory coming up on the ninth so that means I'm in the freezer for the better part of 8 hrs on both Monday & Tuesday next week (OH JOY!!). Also they must be wanting to shine on this one as they've scheduled my fellow freight worker & I 6 days & we both work the holiday on Monday. I hate 6 days but the paycheck will be worth the trouble.


Finally we have a case sale next week so either tonight or the weekend we are getting that extra crap in...(Anther OH JOY) so I'm not sure I'll even be up for posting tomorrow. Anyways, Monday the 7th or so for the start post.



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