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Is that mini a flat? I get that impression, but it is an awesome paintjob. .


I'm not sure what you mean by flat.  Let me know and I'll tell you.



Edit- do you mean a 'flat' mini as in one that has a definite front and back, and extends its limbs along a single plane?


In that case, she's a bit flat for a Privateer Press mini (they tend to have them stick their limbs out in lots of directions).  It helps that the angle she's facing is different from the angle she's holding the spear (and the shield is actually at a slightly off-set angle as well).


Honestly, the 'flat' minis I run across these days don't bug me like they did back in the early '90s (those classic minis could get really flat).  Most of them now don't feel so flat- even if they're 1-piece minis.

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