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Helga the Conqueror

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Wow. That's all kinds of awesome. Great job on color selection. The overall feel of the mini is spot on.

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Doh, that made "the ride of the valkyries" start churning in my head....pom pom pompomPOMpom.....



Excellent work!



And now it is over, as the fat lady sings....

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Is that mini a flat? I get that impression, but it is an awesome paintjob. .


I'm not sure what you mean by flat.  Let me know and I'll tell you.



Edit- do you mean a 'flat' mini as in one that has a definite front and back, and extends its limbs along a single plane?


In that case, she's a bit flat for a Privateer Press mini (they tend to have them stick their limbs out in lots of directions).  It helps that the angle she's facing is different from the angle she's holding the spear (and the shield is actually at a slightly off-set angle as well).


Honestly, the 'flat' minis I run across these days don't bug me like they did back in the early '90s (those classic minis could get really flat).  Most of them now don't feel so flat- even if they're 1-piece minis.

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Green eggs and ham...


I like the green gradients and flesh tones. Unique colors show better in my opinion , looks more daring.



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    • By giyomuSan
      Here my last one that needed to be completed 

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      again same story as other posts, so November work. Wanted to try to paint a mulit-color cloak so this was my first attempt/experiment at that.

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      On Wednesdays I’ve been playing in Storm King’s Thunder at my FLGS, and since I have lots of minis, I’ve basically been providing the minis for the game, including for my fellow players. However, in spite of how expansive my collection is, I don’t always have a perfect match… sometimes not even close to a good match.
      This was the case for the party’s human warlock and bard. For the warlock, I was using an elven bladesinger, and the bard was a female elven bard, both from the Chainmail line. It was not a good fit for the rogue-like warlock, and my utter and total lack of male bards of any type was frankly astonishing.
      The monk was okay (also from the chainmail line), but as an asamar, the skin was wrong, and the colors of everything else was off too.
      So with my most recent order I selected some new minis.
      14544: Ian, Ivy Crown Mage for the warlock
      02500: Fergus the Weaver for the bard
      After washing them and taking care of a bit of flash and moldlines (very minor in both cases) I mixed up some greenstuff and pressed out new bases to match the bases I’ve made for the rest of the party’s minis from the Ruined Courtyard stamp from Happy Seppuku. Once the greenstuff was cured I spray primed them black, and then got to painting.

      I’m still blocking in colors, and checking with my fellow players to make sure they match what they picture in their minds. I used Tanned Flesh for the warlock and and bard’s skin, and NMM Gold for the monk’s skin. Beyond that I’m not really sure what to do for the monk… Waiting on feedback.

      For the warlock, I’m painting the tunic in blue, and I’m thinking about trying to give the impression of raven’s feathers for the mantle. The yellow accents will give a nice contrast to the otherwise black/blue/purple colors that’ll make up his pallet.
      The bard I’m less clear on how to paint him up. So far I’m going with a bright red tunic with some yellow/gold trim. We’ll see what feedback I get from the player going forward.
      More to come!
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      My FLGS is doing a Halloween themed painting contest. As your entry needs to be purchased in store I decided to go with a Hordes miniature I had been eyeing for awhile, Lady Karianna Rose, Grymkin Solo. I put her on a Secret Weapon base and added a couple of pumpkins, now on to primer.

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      Some massive darkness still.., this time dwarfs and some minions warriors 4 in total to start with ( having 4 other type cooking )..

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