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Kings of War


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Bad profile layouts. They waste page space. The circles on their own do nothing because they're all the same colour and shape. With only the lettered abbreviations differentiating between them they might as well have stuck to the old linear layout which made sense. It wasn't confusing or difficult to read. Now if they'd made the circles different colours or used icons or something it would help what they're trying to achieve here. At that point they might as well use cards.


I don't like this.


Scaling unit upgrades with unit size makes sense. Probably being done with magic items too.

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19 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Those look nice, a bit Inuit inspired from the look of them.


I agree, although the studio paint job does not reflect it. I have been referring to them as the "revenge of Shackleton" unit.


44 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Now this might be useful!





I like it, but now that it is on a 75mm base (rather than 50mm), I am thinking the Reaper Bones Roc is also a very viable option for this unit.

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57 minutes ago, Lars Porsenna said:

Those Northern Alliance figures look pretty good. Wondering how they'd look with tanned skintones & black hair...




With tanned skin tones and black hair all they'd need would be the bone weapons and bone skis to look like Ice Barbarians of Kalte. Well they'd also need the kids with bows and arrows on their backs in backpacks as well.







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