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Kings of War


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6 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

Better the Endurance than the Terror.






For just one time,

I would take the Northwest Passage,

To find the hand of Franklin,

reaching for the Beaufort Sea.

Tracing one warm line,

Through a land so wide and savage,

To make a northwest Passage to the sea....


The Auld Grump

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3 hours ago, Unruly said:


What does Jon know?


Well if you've played Nova Aetas.....


you might have noticed this character's quote.





...and his skill cards (Albino is his pet wolf, by the way).




His miniature's really nice and recognisable too :).


Then again there was that amusing incident a while back when the famous British journalist Jon Snow (yes that is his real name, has been for decades now) said "I've never seen so many white people together in one place" live on air. I'm surprised the memesters of the internet didn't have a field day with that one.

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4 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Huh, I was going to order the boxed set and an Northern Alliance army but the distributor my FLGS uses decided that there wasn't enough demand to do an order.  Now I have to decide if I really need that many more minis.  

What about ordering direct through Mantic?

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11 hours ago, Nameless said:

Oh my, I'd got myself a 3rd edition rulebook and started building an army for KoW… Hope to play at least once, lol


There's an online virtual tabletop that supports the game. Including people looking for game.


I got CLOBBERED! Grump too!

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