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Kings of War


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Great, glad you like Kings of War! I found it on https://bo3.gg/tools/compare/teams when I was looking for something to play .Many also appreciate it for its large scale battles and strategic depth. The use of Mantic and Reaper miniatures adds an interesting variety. Good luck in your future battles!

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A bit of refinement:





That's being held to a steel sheet without extra magnets on the bottom and actually only half the magnets for the figures installed.  Definitely should hold the movement tray from sliding around in a box.  Next I need to refine the exact depth for the washers to be recessed.  Made trickier by the fact that the "strike plates" that I found (basically washers without a hole a thinner than a washer.

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Ended up just doubling up the strike plates to get them about the same height and weight as a washer.


Now I'm wondering about how to extend this to cavalry.  If it wasn't for the silly basing of cavalry in GW's MESBG then I'd just put them on magnetic 25x50 bases that I get from Shogun Miniatures and be done with it.  If I tried washers then they'd be limited to 25mm in size and I don't think you could count on any old random horse fitting.  And if you went away from circular washers in any way then you'd lose the ability to "pose" the minis on the movement tray by rotating them a bit.


Maybe I should just work out a printable MESBG base that fits the usual 25x50 base.  Since it's all circles and rectangles I should be able to bodge something together.

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On 11/8/2023 at 4:51 PM, lowlylowlycook said:

Huh,  In trying to head off my friends from any idea of playing Old World I brought up the idea of playing this.  In one of those situations that got out of control at least one guy is barely able to restrain himself from buying mega armies on ebay?


Anyone have some thought on Ambush?  

A bit late but Ambush is a really great way to try out new units that you haven't used before. Units that you're still painting up to add to your army but you'd like to see how they play a bit before working out how to integrate them into your battle plans.

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