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14085: Freja Fangbreaker (WIP - Modification)

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Looking good so far!


Best be careful heading down the conversion path, though. Soon, you'll be using bits from 12 different figures to make one. :poke:


I've never done that, BTW. :ik_oops:



Oh I don't do that kind of stuff, I like doing small conversions/modifications though. I'm much more into building dioramas, that's the rabbit hole I fell deep down into.  ::P:


Cool man! I look forward to seeing this! Are you planning on adding more plastic card on top of the shield?

Thank you!


Yes, I plan on using more plasticard to raise up the areas on the shield to look like the inspiration picture. That'll have to be done tonight and then I'm off to priming the whole thing. I'm trying to decide if I need to keep the arm off to paint her or not.  ::D:




BTW - she's going to be tabletop to tabletop + for me, I'm trying not to spend too much time painting her, would like to get her done in time for our game this upcoming Saturday (the 22nd).

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Got a chance to work on her some more today, here are some WIP shots after tinkering with her shield (added plasticard to make the designs), attach the arm, and then prime her up. I was going to try to get her done before yesterday, but I just couldn't get the time to do it, so she'll be done well before we game again in a couple weeks.


Anyhow, WIP pics!








C&C are more than welcomed and greatly appreciated!



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The concept art showed the female cleric as left-handed. Is the right-handed mini going to be problem for your player? It never hurts to ask.


No problem whatsoever. We don't usually worry about left/right handed in our games as long as the mini is close and this was as close I could get it.

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