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BOMBSHELL BABES 2!!![/center]

About this project


The Babesâ„¢ are back!We bring you a whole new set of fantastic female character models suitable for use with all manner of tabletop Wargames and RPGs!

Although we're using a term like "Babes" to describe the line, these characters are much more than a label. The concept is something retro and nostalgic that is intended to evoke images of famous paintings like J. Howard Miller's "We Can Do It" and Rockwell's "Rosie the Riveter".


Why return to Kickstarter? We have all of the models shown ready to go into production, but molding and mastering, and casting runs are expensive. It would take longer for us to raise the funds to put these models into production over time than if we ask for funds to make a collection of them at one time. We want to get these models out to you as soon as possible, and Kickstarter can make that possible.


This funding campaign will be a shorter two-week run so save your pennies and get ready for the finale at 10:00 PM CDT Friday, September 28th.



We have a fantastic list of classic character archetypes as well as new characters from many popular genres including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, Weird War, Pulp and more for the core set as well as numerous stretch goals. Care is taken to size the figures so they are compatible with other models from the most popular manufacturers within the 30mm range of heroic sizes. Babesâ„¢ are cast in the finest lead-free pewter to assure as much of the detail of the original sculpt is preserved. All models are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.



FUSE LEVEL - This backer level allows you to choose from any of the rewards available or unlocked a la carte. This level does not include the free items added to the Bomb Kit.


BOMB KIT LEVEL - This backer level includes a pick your own EIGHT Babes, the Owlbear Hatchling Sidekick, the Sahara Camel Sidekide, plus the bonus Relic Meagan the Buccaneer, and the bonus Relic Dryad. More free items may be added if they are unlocked as stretch goals.




These items may be added at any backer level for the listed pledge amount shown. More items will be added to the available selections if they are unlocked as stretch goals.






The Sculptors

Patrick Keith has contributed work all across the miniatures industry including top companies like Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, Privateer Press, CMON, Avatars of War, and over thirty more.


Chad Hoverter is the primary sculptor for Plaid Hat Games, best known for Mice & Mystics. He has sculpted for Reaper Miniatures, Andy Hopp, and many other board game projects.


The Artists

We have a terrific lineup of stretch goals by a superb collection of artists. Be sure to check out their other work.

Giorgio Baroni

Zach Fischer

Robyn Haley

Gareth Pannan

This will all be detailed in a followup after the campaign ends, but the summary is this:


• Get a Bomb Kit and pick ANY $9.99-priced Babe, or new unlocked Babe, as a reward, up to 8

• Add-Ons from the KS section will be the listed pledge amount as shown

• Anything else you want to pick as a reward will be at the posted web store amount so pledge accordingly



Total Cost for 1 of everything:

$516.00 Current

$524.00 when we hit $37,000

$532.00 when we hit $40,000

*This does not include shipping


Bomb Kit pick ANY 8 unlocks

Included in Bomb Kit are:



Free Relic Meagan

Free Relic Dryad

Free Owlbear Hatchling

Free Anga Sky Lion

Free Sahara the Camel

Free Art of Bombshell (unlocks at $40k)




Individual Add-ons


  • Wasteland Maelee - $8
  • Adelaide (old west) - $8
  • Eloise (Victorian) - $8
  • Gwynneth (Paladin) - $8
  • Melody (Space Marine) - $8
  • Gabrielle (Swashbuckler) - $8
  • Astrid Thunderhammer (Dwarf Priestess) - $8
  • Qadira of the Sands (Warrior) - $8
  • Glacia (the Winter Witch) - $8
  • Relic Meagan - $8
  • Relic Dryan - $8
  • Jungle Elf on Raptor (not available for BK pick) - $15
  • Owlbear Hatchling - $2
  • Anga Sky Lion - $2
  • Sahara the Camel - $2
  • Mythga the Orc Shaman - $8
  • Kalessa the Merc - $8
  • Fa'o the Huntress - $8
  • Kev White's Celeste the Sorceress (Unlocks @ $40K) - $8
  • Art of Bombshell (Unlocks @ $40k) - $2
  • Liberty Fields (Unlocks @ $43k) - $8

Packaged Add-ons



Dixon's Vixens - $40

Femmes of Fantasy - $40

Barbarian Babes - $20

Take to the Skies - $18

Babes with Pets - $60

Sci-Fi Femmes - $35

Damels of Danger - $40

The Maelee Collection - $30

Babes Redux - $120



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Their minis are sweet. Should be in at least for some, provided the pricing and pledge levels work out.

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This is one I've been waiting for but dang the timing and the short 2 week run.


I still have Bones III and StoneHaven Halflings to pay for. ::(:

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That sketch has me all biting dat lip. It's hard imagining making this save.


Maybe for half.

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Yeah, I'm going in with a -15 to Will saves here...

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Pledge manager and shipping for Conan

Pledge manager and shipping for Zombicide

Pledge manager for Bones 3... (though this can be acommplished by little ninja pledges from the wife's CC and not mine..)

Pledge manager for Darkness and Light TGG2 (Though this can probably be added to next years budget)


I dropped out of Bombshell 1 at the last minute due to funds... I have picked up a few retail... and they are great... Will get in on this if possible... but that may leave littlle for others...

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I dropped Bombshell 1 at the last minute and regret doing so. I have yet to purchase any of them despite wanting many.


This could prove rather dangerous for me...

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Will try & fund some of this one. If Patrick offers the Ks exclusive Mialee, I'll definitely go after that one. Yes, its anther female mechanic with a giant wrench but I loved the sculpt & totally missed it the first time around.

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I bought a few at retail. Haven't got to em yet but not regretting. Will have to see. Made a promise to wife to limit minis for a while.

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Oh, that first sketch is a must have. Good thing we didn't go overboard on Bones3.


I suppose I ought to start painting Babes1.

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I got some of the Bombshells from the first KS and they were all as incredible as their artwork.  AND it came with postcard sized prints of a lot of the artwork.  The conversation in my brain regarding the DM in charge of expenditures and the player character self having to roll the will save is going a bit like this.


DM:  Roll a d20


PC:  What's my target numbers?


DM:  Better drop a natural 20.

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