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Necropolis Bones Army - Need some help

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Hi folks,


I don't know if it's the fact that I've got a ton of undead in Bones or what, but I'm having some trouble putting together a Necropolis list with my Bones figs.  Can anyone help me out and give me some ideas about what might work well?



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This is an army I'd play. It's a little bit of everything.


Troop 1 - I love everyone in troop one. Judas is an army in himself. The Crimson knights are the Pathfinder Hell knights I think, but they seem cooler and more evil to me.

Troop 2 - The skeletal giant may be big its the colossal skeleton it would be huge instead of giant. If its too big for you, drop it, and a band of burrowing zombies.

Troop 3 - Skellies and ghosts. Troop 4 a Gargoyle. Troop 5 Ghasts, IMO they are one of the more forgotten gems of the faction.

Troop 6 - a ghost and then a troop of zombies.



Necropolis - 1495 or 1484 points

Troop 1
Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars - 77160
Gauntfield, Scarecrow - 77211
Bat Swarm - 77046
Malek, the Hated - 77172
Crimson Knight x 4 – 89029, 89030

Troop 2
Skeletal Giant - 77116 or Burrowing Zombies x 4 - 74053

Troop 3
Baron Kentaur the Everliving  - 77158
Syphrilia, Succubus -77067
Nightspecter - 77099
Skeletal Archer x 3 -77018
Skeletal Spearman x 3 - 77001
Skeletal Warrior x 3 - 77017

Troop 4
Gargoyle - 77028

Troop 5
Graverot, 77169

Ghast x 5 - 77159
Naomi, Mistress of Wings - 77027

Troop 6
Aysa, Ghost - 77096

Troop 7
Zombie x 4 -77014

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Yeah,I tried to make a list with a lot of variety. If it were a list for myself I'd have taken the Zombie Queen, lots of zombies and knights, then more zombies and skeletons, and more zombies and chattel.

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Well, my Nefsokar, which is my only other *dedicated* Warlord list is around 950pts.  Here's the list I made, after playing around with it for a while.


Troop 1

Judas Bloodspire

Naomi, Mistress of Wings

Crimson Knight x3


Troop 2

Sir Azarphan, Death Knight

Gauntfield, Scarecrow

Malek, The Hated

Ghast x4


Troop 3

Railor the Unbodied

Syphrilia Succubus

Zombie x5

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