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Dragon Eye Wood Display Base


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A new creation in the works ... Dragon Eye


4" long by 2" wide and made from driftwood oak. The piece was found like this.


So far I've painted the "lash" with Reaper Black Ink and the "Iris" with Reds and Oranges as well as the Black Ink.


A gloss coat covers the iris. Plan to build up the iris in gloss layers to give it some depth.




Teak Oil finish.

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Cool!  I wish I had more time to play with driftwood and old cedar root gnarls.  Some of that stuff just speaks to me.  As this dragon eye must have to you!


Well, I don't paint them often, except for a treasure trove, but I work with wood frequently.  I like driftwood, black walnut bark, cedar and other woods for bases for my miniatures.  I don't do a lot of display painting but I do really enjoy basing and usually unconventional stuff.


Here's the latest on the Dragon Eye:



I added a layer of Real Water over the gloss.  Let that settle and set.  Then painted on some brass and black ink striations around the iris. Plus added another layer to the "pupil".  Then what you see is a second layer of Real Water.  When that dries, I'll paint some more details to get a layer/floating effect for the eye and then a last just plain Vallejo Gloss coat.  That coat will likely cover the whole piece to bring it all together.


So far so good.

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Now with craft metallic amethyst mixed with Reaper Imperial Purple on a separate layer plus more black ink on the pupil...




And then the final layer of Real Water...




A slight over run occurred near the bottom ... will cut or clear that away.


Once it dries, I will try to get some shots showing the layers and depth.

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Ran some Walnut Brown wash to the scales to make them more definitive and add some shade where there weren't already cracks in the wood.




Next is an Ivory (Vallejo Panzer Stencil) and Tan (Vallejo Dark Sand) mix for highlights on the scales.

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