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The travels of Sir Forscale and friends Round 3 chatter/photo thread

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I've chosen but still need to slap some paint on our heroine. That'll have to wait til this nasty flu big decides to take a hike. Here's a pic of mah loot. This box is stuffed to the gills. Thanks for all the awesome stuff to choose from folks.post-13108-0-84421800-1457395910_thumb.jpeg a post-13108-0-33197600-1457395934_thumb.jpeg

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Finally got through the box. Pulled stuff out but likely won't be able to get pictures up before I head out on a trip, here. They're coming, though.



The people ahead of me were much better packers than I am, by the by.

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So! Good stuff. Going clockwise. The Planescape NPC really tickled me. One of the hedge knights might find his way into a future BoG. The desk is fabulous. Never enough goblins. My first townie. And an alchemist! And . . . the dragon. Pathfinder Red Dragon, I suppose? I almost felt bad taking him. Almost. In the center: a gelatinous cube! Appears to be ingeniously homemade. Totally awesome. A few shields and a dwarf's head. And a banner. The banner spoke to me.


Finally, in the second photo, my wife snagged this cool Japanese bag. She really loves it. As of that photo it'd already consumed all her dice.

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Any status update on the last box? Has ThesHunter moved yet? Do we know what the timeline looks like? Days, weeks, months, years? :)

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Any status update on the last box? Has ThesHunter moved yet? Do we know what the timeline looks like? Days, weeks, months, years? :)

Based on my recent move: years.
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    • By SGHawkins09
      The official arrival/departure thread for Round 2 of the Basing Edition of the Box of Goodwill.
      PLEASE make sure to post when you receive the box and when you send it off.

      Remember, NO CHATTER, chatter thread is here:

      Box of Goodwill, Basing Edition Round 2 - Chatter Thread

      SGHawkins09 - sent 2/16
      Keianna - arrived 2/20, sent 2/27
      Sylverthorne - arrived 3/1, sent 3/9
      NecroMancer - arrived 3/12, sent 3/15
      hungerfan - arrived 3/18, sent 3/23
      Ulfheathen - arrived 3/26, sent 4/2
      Aryanun - arrived 4/4, 
      hiddenone32 - new box arrived 6/11, sent 6/15
      Clearman - arrived 6/18
      Guildenstern - arrived 6/27, sent 7/2
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      Generic Fighter - arrived 7/11
      Dilvish the Deliverer - arrived 8/8

      Dilvish the Deliverer - sent 2/26
      Wyvernfire - arrived 2/27, sent 3/10
      Chaoswolf - arrived 3/12, sent 3/26
      Knarthex - arrived 3/28, sent 4/13
      Paradoxical Mouse - arrived 4/16
      Dragoneye - arrived 8/8, sent ReaperCon
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      Fire_Eyes - arrived 9/20, sent 
      Keianna - arrived 10/1, sent 10/10
      Pegazus - arrived 10/12
      SparrowMarie - arrived 10/24
      LittleBluberry - arrived 11/10
      SGHawkins09 - arrived 01/18/19
      Only two groups this time and they are fairly large so make sure to keep the boxes moving. Also you may notice Keianna is listed in both groups, this is intentional as she did not receive a box last time.
    • By SGHawkins09
      This is the place for any questions, chatter, and pictures regarding the Basing Box of Goodwill.
      Arrival/Departure thread is here:
      Box of Goodwill, Basing Edition Round 2 - Arrival/Departure Thread NO CHATTER
      Generic Fighter
      Dilvish the Deliverer

      Dilvish the Deliverer
      Paradoxical Mouse
    • By SGHawkins09
      Here we go again . . .
      In the simplest terms, this is a basing version of the Box of Goodwill. Those of us who have a lot basing materials will be able to share our wealth with those new to basing. Others might have interesting bits and pieces that they use and want to add some to inspire others. Or you might have easy access to certain materials that others do not.
      Due to the nature of some of the materials in the box, at this time the box will only be making the rounds in the US.
      Please provide the following info in your replies to this thread:
      Where you live
      If you want to be a box starter or can contribute to seeding a box 
      What's Going In:
      Any structural basing material: cork, plasticard, bark, branches, sand, etc Any decorative basing material: leaves, flock, static grass, tufts, etc Bits and Pieces: electronics, gears, beads, stones, etc Scenic elements Plinths Premade and stamped bases, try to not overwhelm the box with these No miniatures, that is what the regular BoGW is for  
      If you are sending natural materials that you collected yourself, please take necessary steps to get rid on any unwanted nasties. Some methods mentioned in the interest thread were a quick dip in some bleach water and then rinse and dry off and/or baking.
      Please make sure everything is properly packaged, sealed, and labeled.
      Basic Info:

      Into a medium flat rate box will go a bunch of basing material. Then the box will be sent off to those in the circuit. As a one to one exchange of materials might be difficult for those newer to basing, this will work more off an honor system in that you add what you can but take what you need. As we all know in basing, a little can go a long way. So in the box will be some small baggies that will allow you to take what you need without having to take it all. For example, if there is a large bag of flock or gravel, you would be able to take a little instead of having to take the whole bag. Once you have gotten what you need and added what you can, you will pack it up and send it on.
      More Details:
      The box starters will put together their box and start it on its way. We will PM the tracking info of the box to the first recipient and then each recipient after that will PM the tracking number to myself AND the person that they're shipping it to. Participants will post in the arrival/departure thread when they have received the package and again when they send it off to the next person. They can post pictures of what they took in the chatter thread but it is not mandatory. Participants are responsible for contacting the next person in line and getting their shipping information. The order of the circuit will be public knowledge, so feel free to exchange shipping info how/whenever you wish. If the next person does not provide their shipping information within a reasonable amount of time, they will be skipped. You will have 1 week from time of arrival to take a look and make your choices before sending it on its way. Shipping will be via a medium flat rate box. Tracking and insurance are included in the cost. In the event of it not arriving at it intended destination, the person that mailed the box will make the insurance claim and use the proceeds to purchase items to fill and ship a replacement box. Sign ups will end Midnight February 9th (Pacific Time).  Once I know who is participating, I will figure out the order, and put up the Arrival/Departure thread. The order will be in the first post of both it and the Chatter thread. We will aim to get the boxes sent out to the first person by February 17th. If something comes up and you need to drop out for whatever reason or your place in line needs to be adjusted, let me know as soon as possible so I can make the necessary adjustments.  
      I think that is it, if there is something I missed or you need more information ask in the Chatter thread or PM me. 
    • By Talae
      And so it begins...

    • By SGHawkins09
      The official arrival/departure thread for the Basing Edition of the Box of Goodwill.

      Remember, NO CHATTER, chatter thread is here:


      SGHawkins09 - sent 3/17
      Evilhalfling - arrived 3/19, sent 3/22
      Morihalda - arrived 3/27, sent 4/01
      Marineal - arrived 4/01, sent 4/18
      Aryanun - arrived 4/20, sent 7/11
      Guindyloo - arrived 7/13
      tiniest rhombus -arrived 11/24

      Dilvish the Deliverer
      Knarthex - arrived 3/19, sent 3/22
      Chaoswolf - arrived 3/24, sent 3/31
      NomadZeke - arrived 4/02, sent 5/09
      Flamehawke - sent 6/2
      Von Krieger - arrived 6/23
      OneBoot - arrived 7/11, sent 7/15
      redambrosia - arrived 7/20
      jcg - arrived 8/27, sent 8/31
      pcktlnt - arrived 9/2
      SGHawkins09 - arrived 5/16

      Keianna - sent 3/18
      Inarah - arrived 3/21, sent 3/25
      Hungerfan - arrived 3/28, sent 4/4
      MissMelons - arrived 4/6
      Guildenstern - arrived 5/3
      Bonwirn - arrived 5/12, sent 5/26
      Generic Fighter - arrived 5/28, sent 6/4
      Wyvernfire - sent 6/21
      Aard_Rinn - arrived 6/23
      Mad Jack
      Dilvish the Deliverer - arrived 7/28
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