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WIP 77065: Norgol, Irongrave Knight

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Looking forward to how this turns out. I accidentally bought two of these, so it'll be interesting to see the different ways I can paint it.

Clip the horns, change the axe, cloak and fur colours and the tint to the armor can all work for variables. I have two since the Vampire level was such a ridiculously good deal I doubled up.


Folk Art 667 Gunmetal gray Drybrush



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What color scheme will you be going for here? I'm so curious about this now.

Wasn't sure, only certain thing was a suggestion of grey by the player. Went with grey cloak with a winter wolf pelt above. Some blue got on the shoulder pads so I went with a Martha stewart Tiger Lily (orange pearl) to cover it up and make the pads bronzy-copper once the (printer) ink magic wash did it's job. Until that flub i was going to do a dark blue alcohol ink wash, but since orange and blue don't tend to agree, I went with a nice safe black wash.






And some blood to anoint the axe. 



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