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Got Book -- Now How About A PDF?


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I got my Book today! Woot. Comparing it to the CAV: SO preview PDF I see that the book went through some MAJOR rethinking.


//Graphic design is much better by the way. //


So now, what about a PDF version? Thoughts? Plans? Will come free for KS backers?



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Mine came in today.


The tracking info never updated because after UPS MI got it they created a new tracking number. I figured that out this morning while examining the details on the tracking page for the original tracking number. I saw a number called the "Parcel ID" and tried using that as the tracking number and WOILA! "Your package is out for Delivery"!

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Ordered mine yesterday along with some extra toys that may cause a spin order. Since I placed it on a friday I don't expect a tracking number until tuesday.

Full week for my order to go out the door. But I put in three CAV that more than likely caused a spin order. Hopefully, they're getting caught back up.
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So, I ordered mine on the 14th. Apparently, it was shipped through a UPS service that partners with USPS for delivery. In my case, it does not seem to be working particularly well.


According to the tracking information, it was initially routed to the wrong local post office, but the tracking info noted the error and indicated that they were re-routing it to the correct locale. It made to my neighborhood post office yesterday morning and was "out for delivery" as of 7:30 a.m. . But it was never delivered, and at 11:40 last night, tracking showed it had been received at another post office 100 miles from me -- which appears to be the distribution center for the local one that it mistakenly sent to in the first place!! Arrgghh! 

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