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77065: Norgol, Irongrave Knight


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Looks better than "nothing special" if you ask me.  The gore on the axe is a particularly nice touch.

Well thanks. It's Pebeo Vitrail #21 Glossy Rose. It is actually an experiment since I don't know if it reacts to Bones Plastic. I'm concerned the chems might be volatile since it since it takes (listed on bottle) 8 hours to dry.

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    • By Chris Palmer
      Over the weekend I finished up Ingrid, Female Gnome from the Bones 1 Kickstarter's Half-Sized Heroes set.  I pulled her out of the pile because I wanted to get another Thief figure painted up for Frostgrave.   I didn't realize she was a Gnome when I selected her, so I painted her up as a Halfling. 
            I thought the object in her hand, from the way she is holding it extended,  looked like it was supposed to be some sort of magic light source; like the Phial of Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings.  So, I had to have a nice debate with myself as to whether I was going to attempt serious Object Source Lighting for the first time, or skip the pressure and just paint her as if she was simply holding a snowball, or a rock.   
           In the end I'm pleased.  It's a little heavy handed; but I wanted it to look like a very stark unnatural lighting, and I think it does.   I can also say there's lots of room for me to improve, but luckily its a skill I don't think I will have to call upon very often.    
      C & C welcome, please. 

      And with a little lighting effect...

    • By Chris Palmer
      This week I completed a tabletop paint job on Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue, from the Bones 1 Kickstarter "Bedeviled" set.  When looking at this figure there was something about it that looked more Sci-Fi than Fantasy to me.  I don't know if it was the outfit, or the stance, or just the general demeanor of the figure; but to me it looked a bit more like a Star Trek alien than a fantasy world demon. So, I decided to go with that for my painting scheme.
       I'm pleased with how the Sci-Fi look turned out on her.  I think she looks like a good alien assassin, or perhaps some sort of exotic knife dancer.
      As always, C & C welcome.

      For the full painting article, please se my blog:
    • By Chris Palmer
      When I recently looked at the Sascha Dubois figure I got in my Bones I Kickstarter I really liked the look of her coat, and it reminded me very much of an 18th century officer's coat.  This made me think of the Elquin High Elf Adventurer figure  I had painted a little while ago, which I painted as wearing a 19th century uniform and overcoat.  I intend at some point to get another Elquin and paint him again, this time with a snow base, as a Chronomancer for my Frostgrave games, and it seemed to me that Sascha in her coat from the 1700s might be perfect to be the Chronomancer's apprentice.  The idea of them traveling in time, and picking up articles of clothing from different eras, really appeals to me.

           While I liked the blend of the old fashioned coat and the futuristic bit and bobs on her outfit, I thought the laser pistol at her side might be too much. This, combined with the fact I wanted to include something that might tie her to a medieval-like fantasy world a little more, gave me the idea to replace the pistol with a sword.  So, I set about doing the conversion.

            I found a suitable donor among my extra figures, and then cut off one of its swords (It was wielding two), and trimmed away the hand that was on its hilt.  I then cut the sword into three sections, as I wanted it to fit in the crease between Sascha's outer thigh and her coat where her pistol had been, and I wanted the tip to stick out under the back bottom of the coat. I also trimmed part of the hilt's cross-guard away, so it would fit up against her hand. I then cut away Sascha's pistol at this point; and trimmed off the blocky parts sculpted on the front of her boots, as I felt they made her footwear look too modern. Lastly, I trimmed the communicator in her hand to attempt to make it look more like a pocket watch.    


      I then superglued the parts of the sword in place.


      This left me with a gap between the sword and her coat and thigh, and her hand and the cross-guard. So I used some Milliput I had on hand and filled the gap between her sword, coat and thigh, and then attempted to resculpt the hand so it looked more like it was resting on the cross-guard of the sword. 




           I'm not a great sculptor, and the close confines of where the hand was located made it difficult to work on, but hopefully it is good enough that paint will hide a multitude of sins.    And,  it is intended as a gaming piece, not a display figure so I think I can let some rough bits slide.

       So, now I will let it sit for a little bit so everything is good and dry, then I will do some final trimming and filing to get everything shipshape.  

          I'm not sure what color I will paint her coat at this point; British scarlet? Russian green? Austrian White?  I'll have to do some thinking.

    • By Chris Palmer
      This week, as i continue to work through the Bones I "Chronoscope Set", I painted up Rosie the Chronotechnician.   It's a nice little figure with a lot of character.  I'm a bit unhappy with her mouth, as it was not well molded and ended up looking a little odd.

      For the full write-up on painting her, please see my blog: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2015/09/rosie-chronotechnician-figure-172-of-265.html
    • By Chris Palmer
      Currently working my way through the Bones I KS Chronoscope set, and painted Ape-X this week.   I wanted to paint him to look a little more Victorian Science Fiction than regular futuristic Science Fiction, so I planned on lots of iron and brass along with some natural leathers in my color scheme.


       I'm really pleased with how this big boy turned out.  I had originally been hesitant to paint him due to his size, but I realized after I started that much of the figure is simply skin or fur, and in the end it went rather quickly.
      For the complete painting write-up, please my blog:  http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2015/09/ape-x-figure-171-of-265.html
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