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Arcadia Quest


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This thread will track all of my Arcadia Quest painting.  Given that I currently own the retail base game, Beyond the Grave, a few random heroes, and uh, 'lots' on pre-order from the Inferno & Masmorra campaigns, I suspect this thread will not be done anytime in the near future.  :blush:


These figures are so well sculpted; they are a joy to paint.  So much character.


Last Update (3/13/2016) -- Nibbles



Goblin Archers

Hammer Beastmen


Sisters of Pain

...more in the future...




...more in the future...

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Finished the troll today (aka Schmetterling).  I decided to try shading the red/orange with purple, and it worked very well.  Unfortunately he didn't want to photo well and it's a little washed out.  You can't the rich purple shadows as well as I'd like...grr!  Edit: I retook the photos with a different backdrop and better light positioning, and that has helped.


post-9097-0-17606400-1449905206_thumb.jpg  post-9097-0-22363600-1449905207_thumb.jpg


post-9097-0-17045500-1449905208_thumb.jpg  post-9097-0-14915900-1449905209_thumb.jpg




I'm considering going back and edging the bases with a dark brown instead of carrying the stones all the way down, something perhaps like this:



I think it gives the figure a bit more definition, but will prevent them from seamlessly blending in with the playing boards.  Any opinions?


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