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Thanks for the input; seems no one likes the brown edging idea.  Who am I to argue then!  :;):


Completed 2 more figures today...the Sisters of Pain:








These two were a bit of a challenge, as they are covered in what I consider some of my weaker painting areas: female skin, hair, and cloth (red in particular).  I'm reasonably happy with the results, although the red blending is not as smooth as it could be, and I think I lost the highlights a bit too much while glazing red back over the lighter colors.  I'm happy with the hair, although it's really well sculpted on this model which helps a lot!

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First hero complete...Nibbles!  This one was a gift from my sister for my birthday, so he moved to the front of the queue.


For the heroes, I intend to leave the bases a simple solid color, so that they stand out more on the game board from the monsters.  I think a brown looks better than solid black (although I may need to darken this brown a bit).  I haven't completely decided yet; I can repaint the base easily enough.


post-9097-0-13781300-1457934619_thumb.jpg  post-9097-0-81548500-1457934619_thumb.jpg





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