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Your flair for colors makes the mini for moi...GREAT stonework & an interesting glow to the tentacle tips. Some FINE work with the brush & a LOVELY base finish off the Beasty BEAUTIFULLYVERY WELL DONE!


...But I was expecting to see Tim Curry in fishnets when I clicked on this ...


...that's one of those Things that is TOO horrible to consider early in the day...Things improve later in the day.

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Love the fig, Reminds me of Michael Whelan's Lovecraft cover...


Very nicely done!



But I was expecting to see Tim Curry in fishnets when I clicked on this ...

I was thinking something along the same lines...




...But I was expecting to see Tim Curry in fishnets when I clicked on this ...


...that's one of those Things that is TOO horrible to consider early in the day...Things improve later in the day.

It could have been a Barbarian in fishnets.....




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Hmm....Doesn't really look like Brad, Janet, or Dr. Frank N. Furter....But I like it!

How many other minis out there that give you stockings and corset to work with as abase for Frank?





I came late to the party and missed the Tim Curry comment. My comment was in regards to the OP's Rocky Horror in the first post.  ::P:


There are a few on Freebooter's sight that would make a good base.  Some would need head swaps or removal of weapons, or some putty work to make a corset and I can't remember the company now, but there was one in particular that specialized in scantily clad ladies back in the 80's, but they may have been 54mm or larger. (I want to say Phoenix Models?)


Also a quick look through Reaper's Chronoscope line shows some figures that might also make a good base.

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Nice work. I also expected to see Rocky, perhaps in some fishnets and a corset when I clicked onto the link but the freaky looking Lovecraftian horror that awaited instead is still pretty damn cool, and you've done a very effective job on it.

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    • By Maledrakh
      I have been slightly less of a workaholic in May than in April, so I have been able to do some quartely challenges as well as the monthlies. I am probably not going to be able to paint anything else this month, so here goes.
      These were all painted for the Reaper challenge league May, and again, squeezed in between work. So, low effort speed painting is the key. which also shows that is it possible to get quite decent results in a short time as long as you accept there will be some rough bits.
      there are some pictures below
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      Hello everyone, now that my Perils of the Underworld diorama is built, I'll post here the detailed steps of my paintings sessions. The Work in progress of the display base can be found HERE.
      Let’s start the painting section with a hack to save time. When I paint a large surface, typically a terrain piece, I apply paint straight on the surface and spread it with a large brush. It’s way faster, since I don’t have to go back to the palette each time to reload the brush bristles. Here I’m using a #8 flat brush.

      As a base coat for the display I used 09660 powderburn brown.

      I filled the gaps and hard to reach areas with a #1 brush. At this step, I’m using old brushes as it doesn’t matter if the bristles are sharp or not.

      I then applied a dry brush of 09028 muddy brown all over the base.

      I dry brushed of 09028 muddy brown on the upper part of the 03602 stone lurker and started painting the bat as well. The bat is from the 02018, Familiar Pack I. I used the same colors on the bat's perch that those I used on the display base. I painted the bat body in 29843 solid black.

      Next, I started layering the bat wings with military grey (this out of production color can be substituted by 09438 tempest grey).

      Here’s the picture I referred to for the bat wing colors.

      For the bat fur, I used 09059 aged bone and the fingers were painted with a mix of 29839 maroon red and 09059 aged bone.

      Even if it will be impossible to see the back side of the bat when it would be attached to the display base, I painted it anyway.

      17mm wingspan ready to take off. I applied a 29822 suntan flesh highlight on the stalactite, then a mix of 29822 suntan flesh and 09059 aged bone for the final highlights.

      Here’s the back side completed with a final 29822 suntan flesh highlight.

      Here you go, that’s it for today. Spread your wings and go explore the Underworld.

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      Finished my first mini this year, and oddly enough it was a speedpaint, taking just over an hour...

      On the flipside, some of those colours work together really, REALLY well, like Sunrise Orange and Heart Throb Paint.
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      At the Twee of Wuv

      A simple diorama for the Reaper Challenge League
      44131 Tree of Despair with the 77546 Barbarian Mouslings
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