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Couple more demons for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign.  This time its a succubus and the innocent new girl in town, Mary Lith. Bases are chaos bases from a recent CMON kickstarter.  The marilith is based on a coral snake pattern and the succubus is based on a naked chick. Thanks!


Thanks to carnacki for filling me in on the nudity policy which i should have read.

The Following links contain nudity (though I dont know why a shirtless man is less offensive than a shirtless woman)











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Very nice paint jobs!  Unfortunately nudity is not allowed so you might consider hosting those elsewhere and linking to them, as they will be deleted by a moderator.

Aren't nude REAPER minis allowed to be posted? If they sculpt them, we can show them I do believe....

I have seen more than 1 succubus in the inspiration gallery....





Any Reaper model may be added to the Inspiration Gallery, which is part of the regular Reaper website. The forum is its own entity, digitally speaking, and has its own rules to abide by. The guidelines for the Show Off (and WIP) subforum is as follows:


Acceptable Content

Remember, this is a family forum and to keep it such, please think about what you post. If your mini/sketch/picture has nudity please do not post the picture, instead provide a link to the picture and plenty of warning to the viewer. We will remove your images if you fail to comply with this. Additionally, censoring your images with black out strips (or any other option, such as Spoiler Tags) isn't allowed, they must be linked.

Any further discussion of this policy will be removed from this thread as off-topic.

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