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Pony and baby owlbear conversion

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 Thanks guys. Every thing is primed and looks decent enough. I glue most of my stuff to beer bottles so when I'm sitting, it's all at eye level. Well, the pony ended up falling and all the hair busted. I resculpted the mane and tail and figured it will eventually break from all the handling it will get, so I'm now trying to make a mold and cast a resin peice. Not making much progress, might scrap it all and just deal with any breakages down the road.




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 I originally used apoxie sculpt. I love the stuff but my second attempt is with green stuff. I've only messed around with this stuff, never used it for any work until now. I used more yellow than blue to make the putty, it's supposed to be more flexible when it dries and holds better detail.


 The cast piece came out horrible. I know I made a few mistakes making the mold so I tossed it. Firstly, I had no mold release so I used liquid soap. My ease release 200 came in the mail today though. I also forgot to make key marks, although it settled kind of bumpy so it made it's own keys in a way. I'm gonna try once more, third times a charm, right? If it fails, oh well. At least I tried.







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Keep at it, if you give up after only two disasters you're giving up right in the middle of useful learning!


 True, It's fun learning about all this.


 I remade the mold with some air channels. I think I managed to get tighter seams, still not that great but it's better than before. The recast part came out better, however the torso never filled in. Not sure what happened. The resin pours through the legs into the body and I think the legs clogged up, blocking everything from setteling properly. I'll go slower pouring the resin next time but the stuff I'm using sets in five minutes. From mixing to casting, I have five minutes.







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