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Part of the Stonehaven Half-Orc Kickstarter were these lovely Tengu, or Japanese bird-goblins.  I am in a game with many bird people, including a PC, so there's a real use for these.


There's a little mystic, dwarf-sized, and two warriors, a male and a female, more human sized.  They have a lot of gorgeous detail.


At this point I've prepped them, removed flash, glued them to bases, primed white, and washed them, first with straight Burnt Umber, then with a bright deep purple mixed from Phthalo Green and Quinacridone Magenta.  The purple isn't quite dry in a few places (like under their feet) and looks shinier and more opaque than it actually is.





I next used a technique of mixing in warm yellow-white highlights to a very wet wash of purple shadow color to produce a monochrome toned effect.


The highlight color is a sort of opaque warm pale cream-banana yellow-white out of Yellow Oxide (= Mars Yellow = Yellow Ochre = Yellow Iron Oxide = Reaper's "Palomino Gold") and Titanium White, not thinned down at all.


As I said on the Half-Orc thread, you have to work fast to do this in acrylics.  The highlight / blending brush needs to be cleaned frequently.  It's really more of an oil technique.  But if you can manage it, you can get really nicely blended colors.  The thing that makes it work is to use a totally transparent shadow color and a reasonably opaque highlight color which are different, possibly even opposite colors.  Also, keep it light and fast.


At the moment, using a bright purple and a creamy yellow, they are basically grisaille (I haven't done the mystic yet).





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/Takes notes


Pingo, do you ever experiment with the paint medium to change the drying time? I know you mix your own from pigments, but several hobby paint companies put out "drying retarders" to slow drying. Do you think it would benefit this technique or have some kind of horrific side effect?

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As the mystic is one of two minis I got from the Hafforc KS, I'll watch this with interest. Although mine is likely to end up looking like a black mage from Final Fantasy IX.


I really like where the warriors are right now; very cool. Almost could call them done as-is, though I'm sure you've more in the works. At the very least, I'm likely to steal these colors when I begin work on my Caryatid Columns, eventually.

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/Takes notes


Pingo, do you ever experiment with the paint medium to change the drying time? I know you mix your own from pigments, but several hobby paint companies put out "drying retarders" to slow drying. Do you think it would benefit this technique or have some kind of horrific side effect?

I've experimented with many types of paint and medium and additive. 


My general experience with acrylic drying retarders is that they tend to leave the paint film kind of rubbery and that if one really wants paint to stay wet that long, oils are a better solution (This, however, mostly applies to panel painting; the acids in oil paint do not play nice with lead).


Honestly, I find the "just work fast" helps keep the concentration going much better.


The one exception I found was when I was painting a giant fiberglass sculpture in an unheated garage during what turned out to be one of the coldest, wettest Aprils around here.  Turns out acrylic doesn't dry at all below 45 degrees F (about 7 degrees C).  This I used as an "undocumented feature" to blend more subtly than I normally could in the time given, then using a hair dryer to dry the paint.

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