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77180: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness; 2 each 77182 and 77183, Arachnid Archers and Warriors, by Pingo

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I've gone back and forth about starting this thread since I started painting these last April.  Shaerileth and the female spider-centaur are topless, so I need to link pictures owing to nudity.


But heck, I guess talking about how I'm painting them can help people so I'm giving it a go anyway.


The male spider-centaurs, faces, and backs will be shown.  Any front female torsos will be linked to, as per Reaper's forum policy.


So anyhow, these are Bones plastic, so fairly lightweight.  I primed them all with Reaper's "Brown Liner", the acrylic paint that sticks to Bones no matter what, thinned down somewhat.





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The first thing I did was mix a bluish near-black from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue and paint their skin with it.



Here are the females:



Then I lightened the blue-grey somewhat with a little Titanium White and started painting the forms on the skin.



And the females:



Next I painted straight black over the spider parts, but I didn't take a good photo of that step.

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I painted higher highlights on the skin, but all the pictures have the females in them and so are all linked:



When the skin was somewhat shaded, I painted white on their hair, eyebrows, and teeth.  I decided to paint one of th males with black hair with a white streak.



The females:



More detailed painting on the skin:



The females:


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Next I washed some transparent blue-brown-grey over their skin and smoothed the blending, and I painted their faces.  To paint their lips and breasts I mixed just a little transparent Quinacridone Magenta with their skin color and glazed it over.


Here's Shaerileth:



And where Shaerileth and the female warriors have got to:




And here are more bits:

post-8022-0-62787800-1440525711.jpg post-8022-0-94901700-1440525717.jpg


post-8022-0-35773800-1440525736.jpg post-8022-0-07896700-1440525742.jpg


post-8022-0-12216000-1440525766.jpg post-8022-0-28783000-1440525772.jpg


post-8022-0-77794800-1440525784.jpg post-8022-0-80635700-1440525791.jpg


post-8022-0-19757800-1440525819.jpg post-8022-0-43393200-1440525826.jpg

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Next I turned to the spider parts, painting opaque yellow and orange patterns based on real-world spiders and insects.  I planned to glaze brighter colors over them, particularly some red over the oranges, which are Iron Oxide based and pretty opaque, but not bright.



This top-down photo shows most of the spider patterns but is probably juuuuust barely NSFW:



Some time later I glazed bright, transparent red over one of the females:





Here's the front view:


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And just yesterday I took a purple shadow color mixed from Phthalo Green and Quinacridone Magenta and glazed shadows all over them.


Purple produces really interesting colors over yellow, it turns out.



"I'm not dead yet!"



Here's where they are so far:















The rest of the female pictures:






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So I've brightened up the monsters with some Pyrrole Orange, which is a kind of eye-popping international safety orange, visible on the palette at right. 



Pyrrole Orange is totally transparent, so it makes a good brightening glaze over other colors but has terrible coverage all on its own.


I painted one of the male warriors pretty ostentatiously with it.  The other I just used some subtle shading.







I left the red female alone and glazed a bit on the yellow female.







And I glazed Shaerilith's knees, which had been a more retiring beige-orange underneath.


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It's Blue Accent Day.  I started by painting the spiky knobs on Shaerileth's back and abdomen a medium-dark opaque somewhat muted blue mixed from last painting session's violet with a little more green added to bring it to blue and a little white to make it opaque.



Then I switched to a pure Phthalo Blue with Titanium White mix to brighten up the color and painted the spikes, leaving a little of the darker blue-grey showing.





Then a lighter blue yet mixed from Phthalo Blue, just along the highlights.  I used less of it on her back because it will be shaded by her abdomen.



I used the two tones of Phthalo Blue to paint some spots on one of the male spider warriors.





I started to paint some blue on one of the females ...



... but I hated how it looked so I covered it over with black and touched up the black knees on some of the others.


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This time I was working with vermilion reds, starting with a medium one mixed from Pyrrole Orange, Titanium White, Hansa Yellow Opaque, and Yellow Oxide.


I used it to broadly highlight Shaerileth's knees and abdomen.  At this point it's kind of subtle.

post-8022-0-99969100-1441473910.jpg  post-8022-0-17125300-1441473918.jpg


Then I started lightening the color with gradual additions of Hansa Yellow and white, and a touch of Yellow Oxide, and worked in slow layers up.  I wanted Shaerileth's abdomen to look hairy.

post-8022-0-01596000-1441474038.jpg post-8022-0-36964300-1441474043.jpg






In a side view of the last one you can see some of the highlights on the edge of her thorax (I'm not highlighting the top because it will be shadowed by her abdomen).



Here the highlights are brought up as high as I've taken them.





In the last pictures of Shaerileth, I've put a thin glaze of pure Pyrrole Orange over the painting and brought up some more hairy highlights again.



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I used the same colors as above to lighten up some of the oranges on the warriors and highlight some of the yellows.


First the subtle medium orange:







Then paler oranges:



Then a little brighter yellow.



And some of the pale yellow as highlights on the legs and abdomens.




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the hair on the abdomen is really great!  if I didn't know better I would have easily thought it to be a texture of the mini!  I love how these are coming together and the insights you are posting on your mixing and painting style.

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Since I still had some of the medium orange I mixed up (It was the first layer on Shaerileth's abdomen), I decided to use it to highlight the red spider warrior.



I then glazed over it with Quinacridone Crimson, a transparent blood red.



Here's a front view of both steps:



And a close-up of the effect:



Then I painted their straps and bows and things black.  I think I'm going to paint them purple, maybe iridescent.post-8022-0-56385400-1441722442.jpg








Here's a front view of the females and Shaerileth, whose jewelry was rather elaborate:



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This is just a placeholder post so that the next, rather long update post is on a new page.

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