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Arc 724

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Fantastic Devin !

Looks terrific, and nice brush control and basing !

Thank you Mr. Jason I tried some more freehand on this one.


Stunning work! I very much like the yellow.

Thank you, sorry the photo's are not closer up.

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That's some fairly intricate Freehand on that green.



Getting the flow right to do freehand is always a challenge to me.

You did really well with yours !

Thank you sir. I've been practicing. I'm painting a mouse right now that has a cape on and I practices just putting a line across the bottom. I never knew I would be so happy to paint a LINE. LOL


She looks great; nice job!!

Thank you


I like it, I like it allota. Great job!

Thanks Tiniest! 


It looks absolutely fabulous.

I appreciate that!



It is indeed a temperature of awesomeness. thank you.


She looks beautiful and the flowers were an excellent addition, they absolutely round out the piece!

Thanks! It was a last minute addition and you are right It really brought the figure to life.

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