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Berserk Bust

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So I decided to take a little break from Cthulhu for a while.  


Started working on a new bust this morning.  I find one of the ways I push myself to improve is by trying to recreate other peoples amazing paint jobs.  Arbal's Berserk Bust is my primary inspiration for this paint job, but sometimes I will take bits and pieces of other's work as well.    Sometimes I start and then inspiration will hit and I will take off in my own direction, but doing things this way forces me to do and try techniques that I might not have done before.  If trying to emulate others is looked down upon though, let me know.  


post-12052-0-44775500-1440616803_thumb.jpg I started by blocking in some of the basic colors,


post-12052-0-06575200-1440617082_thumb.jpg and then adding in some shading and tinting.  


And thats what I accomplished before lunch.


*edited to rotate pictures 

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Ok,  it has been a while but I finally got back to painting some today!  working on the shield, going for a TMM approach to the metal bits, will still take that further but wanted to get a pic up today since it has been a while.  Also did a lot with the wood and weathering.


Thanks for looking!  Comments and critiques are always welcome.




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