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Sophie: Troll Slayer Warrior Princess


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Beautiful work! Have to agree about the detail, though, but you wouldn't know it from your pix.


Thanks. It's all done with mirrors. :)


Seriously though, Bones are like those old metal figures from the 70's and 80's. If you wanted detail you had to add it yourself. I do a lot of lining on Bones, drawing in shadows and defining shapes that are barely there.  I almost drew on her leggings freehand. A lot of times an ink wash simply hasn't got enough of a hole to settle in and I have to go over it with liner to make spots stand out. It's a bit more work, but lining everything does help them look better. 

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so what does PITA stand for then?


oh, and great work!


Mine has a serious Case of the Limbos. I can't even get her to stand up properly, even though I have boiled her three times. 


PITA = Pain in the ( you know what comes next :ph34r: )



Wonderful painting.


I admit I sold mine, too soft, too bendy, too little detail.

You did very well here,

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