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That'd be "Razor" the CAV, though, not "Razer" the computer gaming hardware manufacturer. :P



I don't suppose anyone with some artistic skills might be willing to sketch up what some of these converted pickups etc might look like? I'm tempted to see if I can find a source for reasonably-priced mini trucks etc of the right scale, and then convert them for this. I think I can do some half-way decent sculpting / conversion, but I need a reference to work from... I don't seem to have the knack to just imagine it.



PLEASE! Wow that would be cool. I know sparks is AMAZING with that stuff.

I'll look into it, though I've got some other CAV-related projects on my plate just now.

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I used to clean out old office buildings and recycle the crap left over.  What you see in the photo is an old modular 3.5" drive bay.  I just pulled the HDD enclosure out, flipper it over and around, and placed it on top of the dock enclosure.  There is actually quite a bit more to it and it isn't painted yet but these do look pretty awesome.  I have a huge scrap plastic bin that I keep for making terrain with.  ::D:

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