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BASIUS 2.5 - The Tabletop Wargames Base Stamp System Returns


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So I'm having trouble to get this stuff working with 25mm bases for infinity.   The problem im having is once Ive pressed the mould into the green stuff attached to the base... I always have excess around the edges and trying to trim it away puts the mould out of shape, no matter how carefully i Try to remove it.   What's the solution here wait till it sets then cut it away? 

As mentioned previously in this thread, I started a thread a while back with information to talk about these specific basing pads. Come on over and read through the thread, ask your questions there too.  :poke:


This thread will be closed very soon by the moderators since it's a Kickstarter thread and is in the process of fulfilling (if it hasn't already been fully fulfilled).  ^_^


ETA: Ninja's by Arclance!  :ph34r:

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