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Reaper Bones Seltyiel, Iconic Magus: 89014 (WIP)

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So I'm currently working on this awesome sculpt of one of the Pathfinder iconics for a Pathfinder game that I'm playing in starting next week. I'd like some feedback/suggestions on where to go from here. I'm somewhat happy with the progress I've made, but I'd like to add some more detail. I'm also not quite sure if I like the robe robe color on the gauntlet/bracer parts.


Any tips on painting fire would be appreciated. I tried going with a red base coat, orange first highlight, and yellow final highlight but it didn't quite turn out how I had it in my head. Also, advice on painting light hair colors would be awesome. I went for a blonde color originally, but unfortunately I base coated the whole figure in black and it ended up showing through way too much so I went with a dark brown that I mixed up from some black/brown/gray paints instead (which I actually like pretty well).


I'll also take any advice anybody cares to share on basing, since I have never based any miniatures before. I do have some (GamesWorkshop?) small bases, but I don't have any gravel/sand/flock or anything yet to pretty them up.


Also of note, third miniature I have ever painted, all of which have been from the Reaper Bones line. Also the first mini I haven't done an ink wash on.



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I'm not that proficient with basing but I think they turn out OK. Getting sand for the bases is not hard. My sand all comes from a sandbox nearby. I take a few scoops and then I strain it through a strainer to get only the fine grains of sand. Some of the pebbles I keep to add onto bases as stones. The rest of the sand goes back into the sandbox.


Once you have reasonably finegrain sand you cover the base with glue and then sprinkle the sand ontop. Basecoat it with a brown, wash it with a brown ink and then drybrush one or two layers and you have a perfectly passabe base. If you don't add some tuffts of flock you can always add a few stones (in the form of bits of cork or small pepples) to give the base some variation.


That's the basics and about as far as I've leveled. If you feel like making more scenic bases I think cork is a good place to start as it is a good standin to make rock formations.


Regarding the flames I'm no expert, but I find it easier to start with the "base" color and then work my way upwards (from shade to highlight). In the case of flames the white/yellow part should be reserved for the hottest part (the recesses) and then work your way up. So I would probably try and start with a yellow or some white mixed with yellow for the whole firebat and then transition more into orange/red the further from the center I got.

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Fixed a few "gaps" where the black undercoat was still showing through a bit (noticeably so where the sword's hilt met the hand). Added additional metal details on the pants, straps, and boots. I realized that Seltyiel is wearing a headband or somesuch, so I painted that blue to match the main cloth color on the rest of the figure. I also just slapped some cyanoacrylate on the bottom of the integrated base and glued it to a standard 25mm base (it's whatever brand my local gaming store had in stock, I think it's Citadel) for increased stability. The glue discolored the larger base a bit, so I did a single coat of pure black over it and around the edges of the integrated base where some of the bones plastic was still showing through.


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