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Jersey Fest 2015 - Show Pictures


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"Jersey Fest is a celebration of movies, television, and comic books with the focus on horror, science fiction and fantasy".


Note... the lighting is mediocre in about 3/4 of the display area (as you can tell by the sepia tone of a good number of the pictures due to the lack of sufficient light).


Using a flash on your camera can help, but sometimes isn't welcome at exhibits (and considered poor manners) as other people in the room looking at the displays may not appreciate being blinded by flash photography.


You'll see that Godzilla took a break from the Pacific Rim and paid a visit to the Jersey Shore (A good 3/4 of the Godzilla models are the work of one artist who was kind enough to bring his awesome collection).


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>Is it the same time every year? And where in Jersey?


Yes, it's an annual show held at a pretty nice hotel in Morristown; which is probably a good half-hour+ away from NYC, so you don't have to deal with crazy city traffic.


I also went to last year's show, and enjoyed it both times.

I especially like the seminars/demonstrations the Hollywood SFX guys/girls do.

It's not a huge convention by any means, it's more on the size of MFCA (if you've ever been to one of those).

The crowd is pretty friendly, the dealers room is a pretty decent size; and the hotel has food/beverages if you need a quick bite. $10 for a burger/fries/soda, which isn't bad at all for a convention.


Here's a comment I posted on Reddit:

  >Thanks so much for sharing, a lot of gorgeous work here.

  >Do you know, were a lot of these custom sculpts?

  >I'm particularly interested in the godzilla setups, I've been looking for an affordable godzilla kit for a while.


There were a lot of kits at the show, including a multitude of Godzillas in various scales and poses.


I saw several models of airbrushes/compressors, a giant rack of airbrush paint, several vendors with mold-making materials; and vendors demonstrating sculpting resins/epoxies/etc.


They had some presentations by Hollywood model builders. Jordu Schell's presentation was entertaining, fascinating, and very educational on the history of what movies had a tremendous effect on the model-making/SFX end of Hollywood; such as The Thing (Carpenter), Star Wars, Seventh Voyage of Sindbad, Jurassic Park, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Hellraiser, and American Werewolf in London as examples.


An interesting story Jordu shared was being asked to build a model/design for the first Incredible Hulk movie. He mentioned getting a call from the head of ILM when he was told Ang Lee (the director) said his Hulk design was too muscular and too angry. Jordu pointed out that "muscular and angry" is in essence, what the Hulk is. His design was rejected for a softer/fluffier Hulk. :(



The show is 98% large scale resin/vinyl/silicone kits.


You won't find Vallejo/GW/Reaper paints there, or static grass in lots of shades, but you will find tons of mold-making/casting materials; and the paints seem to be more like the stuff the RC car crowd uses.


There are some vendors that sell LED kits to light up your Spaceships, haunted houses, etc.


One vendor selling custom lighting kits had a Shadow Box of a Frankenstein type lab, and Frankie's head was spinning around in a sort of hologram box (like a "Brain in a Box"). It was simple, but very cool.


It's a very different kind of show, but it's also cool to see the ideas that folks who do "minis" on a much bigger scale come up with, it's a good source of inspiration if you don't get anything else out of it.

Oh... as awesome as those large scale kits are, the price tags aren't for the faint of heart. I would guess the general cost of the hobby is probably the same, where we buy twenty $5 goblins, they're buying one $100 werewolf.



I learned something called "Duplo" (sp???) sticks super well to vinyl; I made a mental of note of it as a possible candidate for a Bonesium primer.

Jordu talked a bit in his seminar about what a pain it is to paint silicone, as nothing wants to stick to it, unless you use some really toxic materials; but the result is incredible (like the picture below that he showed off).


He was saying the hair always has to be done after it's cast and painted, so you have to be uber careful to not rub off any of the paint; there is a girl in his shop that puts the hair in one strand at a time!

He sells these for $10k.


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