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Repainted Dollar Tree Tombstone Corner Scenery

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I love these!!! I was definitely planning on stalking the dollar tree for these and I had definitely thought from what I'd seen of them online that I would also likely repaint them!

They're a great alternative to the expensive bits they sell at craft stores.....although I'm rather likely to buy those too. I'm a huge sucker for Halloween stuff.

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COOL & CREEPY STUFF! You did a SPLENDID job with the pieces...PERFECT for a Nightmare Before Christmas style setting/game.I'm looking forward to the completed Gargoyles; they really are delightfully charming creatures. GREAT WORK!

Most years running low on money coincides with when all the Halloween decorations going on sale for moi, but this year I see Michael's & Hobby Lobby are already discounting the stuff...time to strike before I waste my funds on useless things like food.

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  Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone. I'm glad you like them. 


For the sake of completeness, here are the gargoyles, which I painted last year.  They do suffer from a terminal case of the "cutes", and despite my efforts with paint, I don't think I was able to fiercen them up enough.  :devil:




Also, for those who don't have a Dollar Tree nearby, these pieces are available on their website; but they sell them in sets along with figures and other terrain items that are often not suitably scaled to go with 25mm/28mm sized figures.

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