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Well I got back from my second week of vacation in August, and realized I only had  week and a day to get my quota done for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge for this month!

A quick Sunday night dig through my drawers of Bones and I found some Kobolds to speed paint.




These 9 were painted in maybe 4 hours over 5 lunch hours last week. Just base coats and a few details.  Then brought home and Quickshaded.  I then sprayed the first 3 with anti-shine, which frosted (due to the humidity I assume).  So they were coated with a gloss brush on to try to save them.  It brought them back some but they are still a little frosty in a few places...oh well, these are for table top  ::): ...  They were then all coated with a brush on matt sealer.  I may give them a bit more attention with the matt sealer tomorrow evening, but its almost 1 am here, so good enough for tonight...



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