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Getting to Know Each Other --- September Edition


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For September the Format will be a question a day including weekends (unless I decide to vary it).



Rules as they have evolved


1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question.
2. You each have 24 hours  to answer that question before the next question is posted.
3. After I post the next question, you can answer one or two previous questions.
4. Only the Questioner may post questions, but you may (and are encouraged to) submit questions to be posted via a PM.
5. You do not have to answer every question,their is no penalty for skipping one. Either simply wait for the next question or post that you decline to answer (why would be nice...).

6. Questions will run each day as I have plenty of material.  (I have a list of 40 suggested questions at this point; but always room for more.) 



7.  RVQ is for ReVisited Question. These will sometimes a be new take on previous question topics. and not necessarily questions repeated verbatim.


8. There might be some questions that involve pictures.



Thanks to everyone for the suggestions at the end of the July thread. First topic will post later today...

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*cough* Was there a question in that first post?  :ik_oops:



There was supposed to be. But I got disrupted by a guy at the door who wanted to use a ladder to climb on the roof for no good reason.



question 1 was canceled out by question -1: would a griffon made of a chicken and a Maine coon cat be cute or unbearably annoying?

That is a question for Siri...

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Question for Sept 1: What was your breakfast beverage today?

...was it your favorite or a substitute?

...if it was coffee your answer is incomplete without details such as blend, bean, and additives.

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