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Getting to Know Each Other --- September Edition

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For September the Format will be a question a day including weekends (unless I decide to vary it).



Rules as they have evolved


1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question.
2. You each have 24 hours  to answer that question before the next question is posted.
3. After I post the next question, you can answer one or two previous questions.
4. Only the Questioner may post questions, but you may (and are encouraged to) submit questions to be posted via a PM.
5. You do not have to answer every question,their is no penalty for skipping one. Either simply wait for the next question or post that you decline to answer (why would be nice...).

6. Questions will run each day as I have plenty of material.  (I have a list of 40 suggested questions at this point; but always room for more.) 



7.  RVQ is for ReVisited Question. These will sometimes a be new take on previous question topics. and not necessarily questions repeated verbatim.


8. There might be some questions that involve pictures.



Thanks to everyone for the suggestions at the end of the July thread. First topic will post later today...

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thank you for posting the questions, I know it's not easy to maintain good material for them.

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question 1 was canceled out by question -1: would a griffon made of a chicken and a Maine coon cat be cute or unbearably annoying?



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*cough* Was there a question in that first post?  :ik_oops:



There was supposed to be. But I got disrupted by a guy at the door who wanted to use a ladder to climb on the roof for no good reason.



question 1 was canceled out by question -1: would a griffon made of a chicken and a Maine coon cat be cute or unbearably annoying?

That is a question for Siri...

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Question for Sept 1: What was your breakfast beverage today?

...was it your favorite or a substitute?

...if it was coffee your answer is incomplete without details such as blend, bean, and additives.

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    • By NomadZeke
      Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
      All the information you need should be here.
      Your challenge is: 5
      Bonus Challenge: Johnny Appleseed
      September 26th is recognized as the birthday of Johnny Appleseed (aka Johnny Chapman.) While the legend is larger than life, historically he did plant apple trees and sell trees to other settlers. (as far as preliminary research goes.) While a vague theme, the challenge is "Apple" as in the fruit. If you use only apple barrel paints? That qualifies? Sculpt/paint an apple? go for it.
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      Yet Another Archer; A Kobold; A Tank; and some Fighter Plane Tokens

      The archer is another one to go with some of the previous bowmen. I hope to get a small painted unit of them by the time this is over. He is an old GW plastic.
      This guy just sorta got slopped with what ever color was left over after painting some of the other things. He was the use up the  paint miniature. I think his legs are haldardier tabard red from last month's batch of halberd guys. Boots are kobold basecoat brown.
      The Kobold is a bonesium version, white plastic, 77010.
      I mixed faded purple with some lighter color —fire orange maybe— to get the brown for his basecoat. It did not cover the archer's shoes very well. Later he got drowned in brown liner. The tip of his spear is the same copper that was used to damp brush highlights onto the tank.
      The tank and the fighter tokens are 1:1200 scale resin models from Spartan Games.
      The basecoat on the tank is kolbold basecoat brown with a lot of brown liner mixed in because it wanted to dry out too soon. Later some pure brown liner got shoved into the deep places and kinda blended in. Then bronzey highlights.
      The airplane tokens are responsible for the archer's dingy blue tunic. First paint on them was Black Ink on the edges. Then they got a top coat of Sky Blue, avoiding the tops of the planes (archer got the left overs). Then the then planes got dabbed with metallic either silver or bronze. Then the edges got some silver to pick out the girder work. The final step was to wash them with Blue Liner. I was trying to get some edging and shadows under the planes. I needed to experiment on some of these. I have boat loads of these for the  game they are from.
      [edits: Bold Tags; Only one L in kobold, added some paint colors, airplane token steps... ]
    • By TGP
      I checked the list of suggested questions and there are 34 left. So, it looks like I can carry-on another month.
      [[  standard rules will appear here on a later edit ]]
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      She's got some nudity hanging out.. So pics are on my blog.
      Hope y'all like her! This mini is just awesome.
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