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September 2015 Goals

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On a bones 2 drive: 


3 bugbears (started)

2 mushroom men 

female barbarian (nearly-nude) 


Off to a quick start! 

I want to do something ambitious next.  perhaps a vingette or complex basing.  


Its turning into a 4x8" scene centered on Dragoth on the throne. 4 minis. If I want to get super ambitious and enter it at Reapercon or similar I may need to buy the original in metal, then swap out his head.   


This month the goal is just paint some of the miniatures involved. 

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Hey, I know I'm late to the party, but since I've started posting in the forums I figured I might as well go all in. Better late than never, no?


My goals this month are to finish miniatures for my Kingmaker Pathfinder group.

-Fallon, aka Jimli, dwarf sorcerer - Finished this month

-(Shifty) Chan, kitsune rogue - Finished this month

-Ojar, cavalier and consort to the queen - Mini is still in the mail

-Ojar, mounted on his elk - Assembled and nearly ready to paint

-Griffon, our ex-bear, mythically-lycanthropic weretiger griffon - Primed and ready to paint

-Dr. Danys, physician and inquisitor of Sarenrae (my char) - Painted, but I want to swap out shield for Sarenrae shield (in mail)

-Our new alchemist, whose name eludes me - Mini is in the mail

-Soporah, samsaran druid - Previously painted

-Iskanderun, wizard, and Issa, ranger were made by someone else.


Optional goals:

-Amrunlara, elf-turned-drow, kingdom spymaster, and love interest of Danys - Ready to paint

-Karin Volkos, cleric cohort of Danys - Pin the tiny sword blade and paint

-Danys Medical Security Forces - purchased and ready to set up in the event of a siege against our kingdom

-Mae, samurai mother whose children have been stolen by drow fleshwarpers - Ready to paint if player comes back


It's probably a lot, but I'm really feeling painting right now, so I'm going with it. I'm also facilitating or running several events at our local game stores to provide an introduction for beginners and an excuse for experienced painters to get their butts to a table to start painting. We've had decent turn out, and I've gotten to revisit a lot of the basics.

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Now that my Undead are done, the missus wants her starter force for "Dragon Rampant" painted! All Reaper bones minis..."Autumn Bronzeleaf" (Leader/Mage), Warg (Lesser Warbeast & Autumn's protector), Griffon (Greater Warbeast), and a unit of Bugbears (Bellicose Foot, Reduced Model Unit)...




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