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Otherworld Miniatures


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Thanks for the heads up.


I have to tell you, I play 1st and 2nd ed, the MM is one of my most commonly used books for gaming, and I simply don't see it, with the one GLARING exception being the Demon Idol they have available (PHB cover.)


I guess I have always just lived in this world where I figured anything like that would have agreements ahead of time, and proper liscencing in order to even produce stuff like that.


I don't really think about "the dark side" where artists aren't getting paid for their stuff, but I know that WotC has lawyers up the yin yang in order to protect their IP.

It gets murky - if I recall properly, it is not illegal to create a 3d representation of a 2d image, even without permission. (As I recall GW ran afoul of that in a recent court case - they were trying to sue Chapterhouse for a whole lot of things, most of which had no legal standing - including the 3d vs. 2d issue.)


Given that WotC has moved away from that art style, I think that it is highly unlikely that they would try taking any legal actions against Otherworld for figures that are most likely legal in any event. (Finding this out after sinking a million quid into the proceedings is not a good thing to have happen.)


The Auld Grump

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Anyone ever do business with these people? Reaper will always be my first love, but I can't pass up pig faced orcs! Or the idol from the cover of the old DM guild.


If you are interested in miniatures of modern quality but with a look and vibe of 1st edition AD&D I do not believe there are any better than OtherWorld.


I have been buying Otherworld minis direct for many many years and have always gotten what I ordered but have had to wait much longer than with any other miniature supplier.  So if you hate to wait do not buy direct. I will repeat that if you hate to wait do not buy direct.  The Indiegogo campaign is still not fulfilled to all backers and it has caused a real lost of business to Otherworld as should be expected.    The minis are great and well worth the cost of getting them from a re-seller here on this side of the pond.


Sculpts are fantastic and are heavily inspired from the art of the 1st e AD&D books.  Warning some do come in parts and require master pinning-fu.


The above statement is the opinion of some guy who really should have gone to bed like four hours ago, not of this station.

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I got the indigogo minis from them.


Very very very late, but I'm better off than some people who still haven't got theirs.


However they are great minis.  Not great enough that I would ever buy direct from them again mind you..... but certainly good enough that if I found them somewhere in a store I would buy.


Note: Wolfy box got some of the more fiddly ones put in it last round of goodwill.... some of them might still be in there.

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