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These are a set of graveyard decor I purchased a couple decades ago; I pulled 'em out and had a go at speed painting the whole lot, it probably took about 10 hours all together. I was doing fairly well the first night, then I started to get all fiddly with them. You can still get these from Scotia Grendel; their website says that they are resin. These are not, they are some kind of plaster. I did NOT buy them from Scotia Grendel; my best guess is that these are some kind of knock-off. The finger prints you might see on some of the pieces are not mine; they are part of the cast. Anyway, they're not great, but they'll look fine on the table top.


'Come along, then,' the aged and stooped groundskeeper says. 'It won't do to have any of you get lost in here, especially with the night approaching.'


'Here we come across the resting place of Darius Vamdrin, the duke's third son, slain 9 winters ago by orc raiders'




'The next site we come to is the burial place of the husband and wife adventuring team of Borgrim Swiftsteel and Amri Eshalka. They were a part of the band that aided our fair city in throwing off the yoke of the dreaded overlord.'






'Stay together, now. We're getting to the older part of the cemetary.'


'This lonely stone marks the resting place of Crothian Silvereye, whose murder was the cause of the riots that eventually brought the dread overlord to power.'



'Finally, over here we have...oh dear. Ah...step this way, if you please.'


'What's that, dear child?'


'Of course that grave hasn't been dug out of, this must be the work of grave robbers'. The old man glances around, into the deepening gloom, 'Ah...how many were with the group when we started out?'








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Thank you, and thanks for reminding me; I was wondering about putting some flock and/or static grass on them.


Good idea?


I was just thinking, that way you can cover up fingerprints too.

And it DOES add character to gravestones and such.


Should you have a few rats, crows insects or such things in your bits box, you could enhance them even more.


Anyway, Good pieces. Always nice to see some terrain.

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Those really aren't very good casts are they? No, not really. They're tricky, too. Most of the blemishes didn't show up until I put paint on the pieces.

Nice work with them. Thank you.

I have a couple of Scotia Grendel bits and bobs, and while they are clearly late 80's / early 90's they're not bad. I'd just like to re-emphasize that these pieces are NOT by Scotia Grendel; they're cheap knock-offs that I came across somewhere. I have some SG pieces, and they are resin, not plaster like these. The SG pieces are much better quality.



Nice job! I was enjoying storytime too!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the paint and the narrative.

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