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Lidless Eye

Lidless Eye Hobbies: Fightin' Fungi Fightin' Again!

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FANTASTIC FUNGI! You have brightened the day of a Mushroom Fan. You can't go wrong with BEAUTIFULLY panted & HIGHLY imaginative minis. GREAT WORK!

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That one with only one eye reminds me of Potos and Kang...


One of my buddies pointed it out when it was a WiP.  I kind of wish I had a second to do in a green scheme.

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My wife is doing her first set of sculpts as a Fungi Family.  If you like I could probably sneak in and get a pic of one or two of the models in progress and the concept art for the set.   She's starting up a home brew miniature company.  I'm not sure how reaper would feel about that though.

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those are great I was just looking at those in their new webstore and was wonder how many had been painted yet. 


Apparently the first group I did beat their store samples; mine arrived from the KS before theirs did.

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Here they are, fightin' again!


The Fungus among us, etc, etc:


Group shots, as always, first:




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    • By Pochi
      This was my entry in the Reaper Facebook Quarterly Painting Contest. I wanted her to look like she is living in a magical cavern. I had a whole vision for how I wanted her base and I mostly pulled it off. She turned out pretty much how I envisioned her. It took way more work than I anticipated but I learned a whole lot about making scenic bases! I ended up buying a router and having my husband help me create the cave in the side of the plinth.
      She sits on the base so I can still grab her and put her on the table for D&D if I want to. My only issue with her is that she is difficult to photograph! I don't have a good picture of the back.








    • By paintybeard
      A little while since I have posted anything, so here is a snakeman (and snakewoman) force that has won a few battles for me playing "Song of Blades and Heroes".
      linked for ...saurian stuff.

    • By Kev!
      Toxic, if you must know...

    • By lazarp
      This mushroom guy was painted up by my sister. I like her work on this one. I hope you do too  Here are the before and after pics

    • By Rigel
      Some partly modified Nolzur's Myconid Adults, plus a WotC Manes demon I got in a random box. I had no need of flabby little demons, and I do have need of spore servants, so I took drill and sewing pins to them as described in this thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85573-putting-the-fun-in-fungal-infestation/ 

      Behold Mushroom Buddy 1! He's inspired by Boletus subvelutipes, Boletus bicolor, and other more flashy boletes.

      And here's Mushroom Buddy 2, modded up with pins. More of a Boletus edulis / B. pinophilus look to him, with enokitake/ Flammulina velutipes sprouts. More of a waxy-cap or psilocybe color to the little sprouts though; all pale would be boring. 

      And here's Cletus the spore servant. I figure in life he was a very fat goblin. I made these mushroom stems a very subtle purple (Slaanesh grey + Reaper Vampiric Flesh). 

      And here's a group shot! 

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