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New, good music from Norway.

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    • By Redd Knekk
      Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Stayin’ Alive!! Stayin’ Alive!!
      In all honesty, I painted this groovy dude a while back when I wanted to try color shifting prismatic armor. Halfway through I realized I just didn’t understand enough technique to make it look how I wanted, but instead I had caught a serious case of Saturday night fever. After this, I watched a video on iridescence and had a Homer moment. Doh!
      Part of the learning process, but I hope he’s good for a laugh and brightens your day. Enjoy :)

    • By Smokestack
      When I first became diabetic (or first got diagnosed with diabetes) I hated diet soda. The first one that actually tasted like real soda to me was Diet A&W. I have never been a root beer fan, but now love it...
      Since then I have tried lots and lots of different brands. My absolute favorite is the Peach Zero that you can only get a places like Burger King or Boston Market that have the fancy Soda mixing machines.
      Store bought, I prefer (in this order) Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Diet Sunkist, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Canada Dry. I hate Coke Zero...
    • By DHRDawg
      For my upcoming Savage Worlds Mystery Men game I needed some Disco Boys for bad guys. I painted these up real quick, I need a bunch more.
          I gave this photo a "Grindhouse" look...  
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