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Returning to the hobby after 15+ years - LTPK plus others

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Nice work on these ^_^ I especially like your ghost and bariaur guy.


For the eyes, there's a nice tutorial on eyes in the Painting Tips section. I cannot remember who made it, but it was very helpful for me.


That's not terribly helpful :mellow:

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WELCOME BACK! Your SPLENDID creations prove that painting, like bicycling, is a skill you can retain without practice over the years...there's just less leg movement with the painting. Your brushwork & color choices are OUTSTANDINGVERY WELL DONE, one & all!

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Welcome back to the hobby!! It looks like that LTPK helped you to knock off the rust; your figures look very good. Eyes are always a pain, all you can do is keep practicing, eventually you'll be doing them very well on the first try.

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well come back to the hobby!  I took a 15 year break before jumping into bones 1. 


Those figures are great. 

Glazes use even more water than washes, and will help smooth out transitions. 

I like the highlighting on the orc and wraith especially. 

the orcs eyes have the black/brown liner edges that really make the eyes pop. 


Youtube videos can also be handy for picking up new skills. 

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Welcome. Looks like you're off to a great start, just keep practicing.  Eyes take patience. Even after 30+ years doing this it still takes me a couple tries to get them right sometimes. 

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Welcome to the Forums.

So glad you found the tutorials.

There is a ton of information in those, and when that fails, just ask for suggestions on your WIP,

someone will respond.  The talent, and kinds of the folks here will amaze you.

Take a look at the most viewed pages on bottom right of main forums directory,

will blow your mind.

Nice work, look forward to seeing more.!

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Nice work! 


You've got leftover Ral Parthas? (Perks up)  Ooh, someone's going to have some fun.

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[Jumps up and down]


Ooh, the Planescape and Castle Forlorn sets! I own those ones too. I still haven't painted them. But like you, I stopped painting for 15-20 years, and Bones magically appeared this decade.


It's amazing all the tricks and techniques that we can find these days.

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