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Cash's Autumn Workbench 2015


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Welp, it looks like I broke my foot. Thought it was just a sprain, was walking around on it yesterday (albeit with lots of pain). I would've laid down money it was a sprain! I've gotta keep it elevated for the next week, but my fiancee told me to find time to paint so I don't lose my mind (probably her self-preservation kicking in, heh).

Sympathy like !!!

After all the events you have gone through, maybe its your body saying that it is time to LET UP !

So a week at home, surrounded by miniatures waving and saying...Me... I'm Next..YooHooooo...MEMEMMEMEMEME. :)

I am sure you will enjoy the down time !

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Primed a bunch of stuff. Ran out of black so only zenithal primed a few. My den is still tore up from integrating a new desk so I need to see if I have another can of black primer stashed somewhere...




The unprimed KDM stuff is prepped up and ready to prime, but I want to force myself to finish a few things, the shelf o shame is getting pretty full. So I'll paint the females once the males are done or I bash out the Imperial Assault bunch.

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Managed to get the male survivors base coated. Nothing fancy here!




Kudos to Scott Hockley for suggesting I use a 'cold grey cream color' for the cloth, he uses Tamiya Deck Tan, which I don't have. But looking over my (very small) paint collection, I pulled Reaper's Alien Flesh and it's an amaaazing color. So I also base coated the stones and thin guy's hair with it (I have to look up their names, I swear I've seen them somewhere).

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And further Kudos to Mr. Hockley for reminding me of the names! Had a little time before family visits to get some paint on, just blocking in some shadows on Zachary. Trying to nail down the colors and shadow regions, super rough.




Hard to get a pic when the light is where I'm painting it, heh. I went down to Muddy soil (very dark brown with some black in it) in the arm pit to test out my value range and how overall I want the piece to be.

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