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I was quite inspired by the Kobold Sorcerer in this post.  I had this one sitting on my desk, and I thought to myself, "What a great speed paint idea!"  So, I set my timer, and set out to create my own Kobold Sorcerer.  All in all, I think he came out pretty good for a 1 hour paint job.  Granted, I have not completed the base, but as it stands, I think he would be perfectly fine for use on a table.  What do you think?



Special thanks to Muninn for the inspiration on the piece.












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Someone will inevitably point out that the flames should be yellow toward the bottom & go orange & red toward the top. HOWEVER, I like the way you did it AND this is a Wizard wielding Arcane Fire.

All that aside, your little Wizardly creation is SPLENDID; I love the colors you chose & your brushwork is OUTSTANDING. GREAT WORK!

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I realized my mistake on the fire after it was posted.  I was thinking about changing it a blue/green arcane flame, but decided to leave it as is for now.  If I make any adjustments, I will post updated pictures in this thread. :D  The funny thing is, I used to be a fire fighter, and dealt with flames quite a bit.  One would think I would remember the basic appearance of them!


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      Another one bites the dust….😆
      One of my favorite sculpt…but in the old Bones plastic. I put a little extra into the base, otherwise it was a pretty straight forward zen of Bones quick paint job. Overall I like the scheme and it has given me ideas for when I paint my metal version. Not sure about the green face and the blue glow under the rib cage is too subtle. 

      And as an aside …..the quality of Testors Dullcoat is not nearly as good as it was a decade ago. The newer formulation continues to give me a semi gloss finish.  Oh well. 
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