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Real life places that would make great models for terrain


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There are all sorts of cool spots to inspire, most not all that far away. Over on the WAMP Malifaux Group, there's a thread with inspirational sites




I'm not sure if the thread will be visible to everyone; [ ... ]


The thread wasn't; what do you need to do to view it?

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Are those pics that you took? If so, what's the story behind them?


I love the third one, BTW.

the first one is just a flooded cemetery, but there is a super cool one that is underwater in poland (?) that has some really cool history.

the second one is not a picture I took, but I have a very similar one from my trip there. It's Bagnoregio in Italy, and it is amazing. there are only like 15 people that live in the town and they (at that time) still brought a donkey down to get the water. 

The last one is just a cool picture that I like to look at how moss grows and drapes and whatnot.

Also, I want to have a picnic there.

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