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Real life places that would make great models for terrain

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Pondering possible filters to use on a spotlight. Might consult my old boss when I worked in photography. Pretty sure a painted screen or filter would work.


*summons Doug for his 2 pence*

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@ub3r Now, how to mimic the lighting in that top picture....

Trees in a fish tank. Fill with water. Add a quarter cup or so of milk. Shine light through it.



That would work, though I think I'd start with less milk, and possibly only with very fine sand (less mess).


If you don't want to work under water (and I definitely wouldn't, for one thing, the glass on the front of the tank is irritating to deal with), a smoke machine is probably your best bet. You would also need something to act as a gobo. For the purposes of a shot like this one, you could probably get away with making the gobo from cardboard.


Single light from high and a bit left, fill light from near the camera about two stops (maybe more) down to get detail in the shadows.


You might be able to do the trees and backdrop with flats, but that would be really tricky. (Backdrop easier than the foreground vegetation.)

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Would rather try and do it with a diorama mini. I could see this as a perfect setting for a paladin or cleric looking up towards the light.

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Would rather try and do it with a diorama mini. I could see this as a perfect setting for a paladin or cleric looking up towards the light.

Or conversely, a paladin or cleric walking out of the light...  :devil:

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At Raven Rock State Park in North Carolina




Powdered sugar trees in Baltimore


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The answer to a crossword puzzle was the Salton Sea of California. I had never heard of it before so I looked it up...partially to see if I had got it right & mostly to see what it was. Well they had this photo of some abandoned, salt encrusted buildings in Bombay Beach that looked SO Post Apocalypse:




...cool in a creepy sort of way, eh?!

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went to our local Aviation Museum here in Warner Robins GA; they have a ton of awesome and cool planes! While I was visiting this go around I decided to take pictures of weathered surfaces, kind of an obsession of mine. Here are the better ones (took them on my phone sorry). Apologies not sure why it turned the pictures about either





Weathering on a wing tip



Weathering on the undercarriage of the opening for the landing gear



The actual landing gear



A beautiful rust pattern




Weathering on this hatch is quite extensive, It's on the "A" of the Airforce in the side of the plane. I tried to get a good picture of it, but it almost doesn't convey the texture adequately - it was quite thick and deep in layers.



This isn't weathering so much as simply the early morning dew here. I thought it was just a really cool look seeing how it all rolled down the cone like that to form




Dewlines tracing the weathering over time that's happened on this panel




And a mostly whole shot of one of my favorite planes they have on display, an SR71 blackbird in the Century of Flight hangar.

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      I looked around and got heavy inspiration from these two posts by Pingo and Evilcoatrack:
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      It also made me realize something that's been bugging me about the clear plastic fire elementals. They should be a far lighter orange, near yellow even instead of that dark reddish orange.
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      Anyway, my wife, who is a stained glass artist, promised me she would make me six pieces of stained glass of my design for use in the window shutters I started for the three basement windows.  The shutters will replace the shades, and by having them glass, I'll be able to leave them closed, but still hopefully let a lot of light in.
      My problem is that for the last three years, I haven't finished my part of the project because I can't decide what designs I want for the stained glass. Which means my wife can't do hers.   
      The problem isn't coming up with a design or two, but coming up with ideas that look good together, can be paired (each window will have two pieces - one on each side of the shutter), AND can be made with at least 60% lighter translucent colors of glass to allow light in.
      So what do you think would look cool for stained glass in a game room?  Each piece would be approximately 12" wide, by about 14" high, and as I mentioned, each shutter would have a right and left piece.  I don't care if the pair in each window are part of the same design, or just along the same themes.  I do want them to be somewhere in the sci-fi or fantasy realm.

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      Here is a sample of my book shelves with gaming, reference and fictions books, as well as some overflow hobby stuff. like Bones creatures:

      And finally, here's one of the other walls near the bar area:

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