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Shatner is in a different movie, something more in keeping with the slasher flick tropes.  


Assuming Krampus isn't a hoax it looks like it'll be a legit attempt to bring a very very old myth/legend to the big screen.  The more I read about this the more excited I get.

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I was utterly blown away at how much I enjoyed Elf.  Did you know in the jack-in-the-box scene Will Ferrell had no idea which of those toys would actually work?  The director refused to tell him so every time he got a scare it was legit, hahahaha.

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I was utterly blown away at how much I enjoyed Elf.  Did you know in the jack-in-the-box scene Will Ferrell had no idea which of those toys would actually work?  The director refused to tell him so every time he got a scare it was legit, hahahaha.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it too. I don't enjoy most of his stuff, but Elf and Stranger Than Fiction are two that stand out. (The Lego Movie doesn't count because everything is aw...nevermind  :;):  )


Probably Zooey Deschanel helped  ^_^

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He's pretty cute in it. His most annoying moment (imo) is the gratuitous burp scene. The rest of the silly stuff is not annoying and pretty funny. Plus the movie is sweet. Like, I have a toothache sweet.


Oh, and it has Bob Newheart in it. That might effect how you feel about it. I  :wub: Bob Newheart, so, yeah. :lol:

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