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Stuff from Our CelestiCon Table

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Finally got back to doing conventions this weekend, with CelestiCon in Fremont, CA. Here's a glimpse at some stuff we had on the table.


Most of what we had this weekend was scratch-built, or kit-scratched, which is I guess what you would call it when you borrow one piece from a model (like a GW crater) and scratch build on top of it. Not quite a kitbash.


But anyway, most of it was just made by hand.







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COOL STUFF...especially the Mushroom Bungalows & the Contagious Goo piece! GREAT WORK!


I'll add some close ups of the mushrooms and a few other pics of my secret weapon (evil stasis tubes) later on. 


YES!...one can never have too much Mushroom inspiration; can one?

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A promised, mushroom house closeups. These were scratch-built, but meant as proof-of-concept. By building them, I learned a lot about how I might make moldable versions for mass production.



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Stasis Tubes!! I called these "Poor Schmucks," as in, some poor schmucks were captured and stuck inside awful glass tubes for some horrible, inexplicable purpose. I guess those meddling kids meddled one time too many. These were a sudden inspiration during the con. I had been messing with some clear tubing, and had fooled around with the idea in the past. But we were selling well enough that I needed to get more on the table, and what better way than to challenge myself to bringing some crazy idea to fruition in quick time? As a result, these were done up in spare moments stolen over the course of a couple days, which is why they look somewhat crude and a bit messy. But again, proof of concept. I learned enough to have a solid idea of how to make them clean and mass produce them with relative ease. And did I mention, they sold out almost as soon as they hit the table?




By the way: all these zombie parts are bits of Mantic models I happen to have in abundance all over the house.


Thanks for looking!

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Cool stuff!!! I really like the 'kit scratched' GW crater terrain, and the Smurf Village mushroom houses are very cool!

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Cool stuff!!! I really like the 'kit scratched' GW crater terrain, and the Smurf Village mushroom houses are very cool!

You know what's funny is, I collected Smurfs when I was a kid, and I never got to have the mushroom house due to it taking more of my allowance than I was willing to part with. But in all the time I was making those houses and painting them, I never once made the Smurf connection. Until finally, somebody at the con shouted, "Look - Smurf houses!"


Until that moment I just figured some gnome lived there.


But they do look just like those Smurf houses. Paging Dr. Freud!

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      Between moving and starting a new job this spring, there has not been a lot of time for painting.  Plus there was the time taken to inventory Bones IV.  I want to try and establish a more regular painting routine, and I thought I would start with some figures that I could do quickly.  Several years ago, I purchased some Axis Zombies for the Dust Tactics game.  I had no interest in playing the game, but I liked several figures from the range.  Last night I did some quick mold line removal (not too worried if I missed some) and gave them a quick coat of primer. I am hoping to get started on them this evening.  



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      I know about the craft article on filling a bucket with sand and spraying foam in the space carved out.  I don't have a ton of time so didn't do that. I DID take a few sheets of parchment paper, a few sections of plastic fruit containers lined with parchment paper, and sprayed a can's worth of expanding insulation foam to make some hills.
      Because of needing to get by with a stroller, foam was packed up after an hour to continue curing.
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      You can see a Bones skele or to lurking around for scale.  I was having a challenging time with my camera and the lighting (room is kind of in disarray at the moment), so I have a few different exposures here.
      Had a lot of fun with the fiddly bits like the graffiti, wire conduit, and dead plants.
      In the fist and second pics you can even see one of my new backgrounds in the...background--too bad I made it for a standard mini, not a large building.
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      I didn't see this listed so:
      I received an engineering sample of the product today. They're made of hard gray injection-molded plastic, my guess would be ABS from its hardness and density. The floor and wall ties fit together tightly, though it takes a bit of effort that likely would wear at paint on those surfaces had they been painted. Due to response from earlier sample recipients, the production tiles will be slightly larger than the samples.
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